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31 Jan 2019

Polygamous men and women...

by VivaAngela

Hello everyone! Thank you for your attention! Everyone ask me what I am looking for here... Personally, I am here to find good and kind man to be able to share all the passion between us till the end of my life. I am monogamous person. But I know that almost all the men are polygamous. Am I right? I know some ladies who are not able to love only one man. But it is not my story. I am able to share all my emotions and love with only one person- with the man of my heart. I ask you now! Do you want to have relationship with 2 women (or more) at the same time? Anyway, I think it is normal for men but i am not able to have relationship with such person! Nowadays we have the ability to choose what we want!!! Thank you for your attention! Kisses, Angela