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02 Feb 2019

American ingenuity

by Jeff :369063

Good evening to all.. over the past year I've asked several ladies, with or without children, the same question... why disrupt your life in your country to come here, certainly there must be the equivalent of me somewhere around you... So, now I ask myself, could I succeed the same in your environment as I have in mine?? Maybe boastful on my part, but I believe in myself and my ability to adapt! I really don't feel I have anything to prove to myself, and as you mature others opinions of you don't hold as much meaning, not to mention a certain level of comfort, why struggle again!! I've met many immigrants here, from every corner of this wonderful world we inhabit... without fail, miss their home, perhaps... happy to be here? Oh yeah!! I know without a doubt I have a Ukrainian brother over there, come on ladies, tell him I said hi!