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05 Feb 2019


by Sault&Pepp3r

Hello to all the readers! I once heard a saying – “All happy stories of love are stories of compromise. It is not so difficult; you just have to try..." For me the key to successful relationships is when both partners are ready to go to concessions. Both have their own ideas, beliefs, and thoughts about how things should be. Moreover, when it is in mature age and we are already complete personalities and are not so flexibles as we were in youth. But then there comes a feeling that changes you from inside – yes, I am talking about LOVE! And the irresistible need to be with our beloved most of the time. When you become a couple, there will obligatory appear some points, on which you have different opinions and now it is up to you – would you argue and stand your ground till the end, or you would be ready to listen to your partner and meet halfway… Of course, fir me it is essential that both sides should be ready to compromise, it is not right when one person is always making concessions and another one is strict in his/her position. In my opinion, it can be difficult to adapt to others, but a compromise is still necessary - for the sake of loved ones, for the sake of maintaining your relationships. In such cases, remind yourself: an agreement can be beneficial to both you and your partner. Admit to yourself what really motivates you: is it stubbornness and the desire to do everything in your own way? How important is the end result, what are you willing to sacrifice for it? Look at the situation creatively, maybe there is a solution that will suit everyone. Be honest, and do not be afraid to say what you feel and what is bothering you. It is important to understand when you can give in and where you need to insist on your own. What is your vision on compromise? Can relationships survive without it? Ekaterina