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05 Feb 2019

When you love....

by Shining_Svetlana

A lot has already been said about love, but I will not tire of talking about her, reading about her, and waiting for this wonderful feeling to fill me from head to toe. I would really like to experience such love, which books are written about and make films, and it seems to me that having such love is a gift from heaven. I would keep it as if it is the greatest treasure that exists in this world, and never, until my last breath, would give it to anyone !! When you love you are ready to give your heart and soul, turn your mind inside out, and start a new life. When you love, you want to do something in the name of love. You want to sacrifice yourself. You want to serve. When you love a person, you love him in any condition. When he gets angry and swears in traffic. When half dead from fatigue he creeps up from work. When he has a cold, with a stuffy nose and sore throat, he fights back when you trying to put him to bed and give him hot milk and honey. When he cries in the movies. When he all day selflessly sings some stupid song in a creaking voice. When he is late, hurries, twitches, gets annoyed over trifles, chews on the go, smokes, laughs where it is not funny at all, boasts, sighs, doesn't get enough sleep, nudites, is afraid to go to the dentist, climbs with unnecessary advice, tells vulgar anecdotes , thinks that he is always and in everything is right ... You love him from top to toe with three-day bristles, with eyes inflamed from sleepless night, with scar from appendicitis ... With all the vagaries, whims, ambitions, sympathies- antipathies, depressions, weakness, disease, stupidity, cleverness. This strange feeling is love ... As if it illuminates a loved one with some kind of neon other-world light, in which everything seems infinitely dear and loved... And I also want to congratulate everyone on the upcoming holiday of love - Valentine's Day !! Love each other! I wish everyone to find such love and enjoy it every day. Your Svetlana