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05 Feb 2019

A thing you did not know.

by Darya_Love

There are lots of Ukrainian girls who look for foreign men. And I guess the amount of these girls increase each year. Did you think about the reasons for it before? There are a few of it but I want to tell you about one of these reasons today. There are more men than women in Ukraine. Surprised? A ratio of men and women in Ukraine is 8/10. 8 women to 10 men. So as you can see it's not possible to all single Ukrainian women to find a single man. Sure its not good news to women so they start to look for a man abroad. I have many single female friends. And do you know what words I hear the most often? “Look,I want to fall in love and to build a family but I can not find a single man. Seems like all of them are married here! I don’t want to be single but what am I supposed to do?”. I think that online dating is a good way to Ukrainian woman to find a good and single foreign man. And I know that a lot of them started their search. Yes, it’s a long way to go but it's better than to do nothing. I think that its good to have dreams because dreaming it’s the first step to make things real. But dreaming is not enough. If you have a dream then you should do something to make it come true. Online dating will take some time but you know that you have a chance to find a perfect partner to you. So as you can see the unfair ratio of men and women make Ukrainian girls start their search of foreign men. I guess that after reading of my today’s blog you will not be surprised to see so many women which are ready to become good and caring wives.