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08 Feb 2019

I found love

by Charles Michael:321517

I am a member of this dating site and I have read many of the blogs on here from the men and from the women, some I fully agree with and some I do not. I am an older divorced man from the USA. I was married for 45 years to a woman I thought loved me but I was completely wrong on that, she never showed me she really cared for me, I will not get into why I divorced her, but after the granted my divorce to me I felt like the weight of the world was lifted from shoulders, the stress just disappeared and my life became calm and I was able to smile again. I have met a lady on this site she is from the Ukraine she is half my age and so nice and she is smart to and she actually cares about what I say, I was amazed when she actually sent me a letter first, I did not answer her letters for a couple of months, I was not sure if she was real or just playing a game with me we have been sending letters for almost 1 year. After reading her letters almost every day what she writes to me about her feelings for me have amazed me, I have never met an American woman who is so honest and caring most are self centered and it has to always be about them, My Ukrainian lady is not like that in any way, she is amazing. She has told her Dad and Mother about me She tells me in every letter how much she loves me, I dont remember my ex-wife ever saying the words i love you to me once during our 45 year marriage. After almost a year of reading her letters I can say she has stolen my heart, she always sends me a new picture of her with every letter she sends me, I love looking at them. I have not asked her if she would be my wife yet because I do not think it is right to that online. I want to see her face and her eyes when I do. I have not had the opportunity to speak to her dad yet and I think it would be proper for me to ask him first if he would give me permission to marry his daughter. I have not figured out how to do this yet, but I will figure it out. I have asked her if she would come here to me for a vacation so we could spend some time getting to know each in real life, I am hoping she will come here. I am waiting for a settlement from a law suite against the US Veterans administration for some back money they owe me and my lawyer is handling it for me. I told my lady as soon as I receive this money I will come and visit her. She said she would like that very much. I will surprise her and ask he rto marry me then and if she wants we get married ther in her town in the Ukraine so her family can attend her wedding, she has never been married before so I know it will mean a lot to her if her family could attend her first and only wedding I have told her that I will love her with my whole heart and soul forever and I will always be truthful with her and I will never cheat or want any other woman this I swear with all me being I will always treat her with respect and I will never harm her. She will be reason for living always. Thanks for reading my blog and anyone who wants to give input is welcome to. Michael