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Greetings to Miss April!
Victoriya , 26 years old
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First of all I want to thank all readers of my blog.I sincerely hope that this short story will make you think a little more about your own life and how much fast time passes.LIfe it is gift,love it is real blessing from Heaven or Destiny or God. And we much enjoy each new moment of it! I want to love and I am ready to love) I know that I am young girl,but enough wise to be able to value love,relationship and life itself.I am ready to devote myself to my man .I am ready to have strong relationship built on love,trust,romance and passion.I am here on this site with strong wish to find not just boy friend,but my future husband.I am here on this site for some time and I have met very very many wonderful men-serious, responsiable,kind and polite.And I am sure each of us deserve to meet soulmate and righ life partner.I am sure that each of us can meet own love and life partner is not easy)and it can take time,because all women and all men here are such wonderful.The main-look for! Search! Communicate,Talk! Try to learn out about each other as more as possiable! Be honest! Be frank! Be curiouse! And one moment you will see-You will feel-it is SHE! It is HE!) Real true LOVE will come to you even online!And then,when you meet in real life,please,follow my advice! Love each other! Enjoy each other! Surprise each other each minute,each day,whole life,always).Take care of each other and make this World better with your love! Because only Love is able to create life itself)
Thank you so much for reading this again) Wish you to find the main love of all your life here)

Man's and woman's expectations from relationships
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Today I’ve decided to write about expectations.It’s absolutely usual that all man and woman has expectation first of all from first date,then first kiss and first sex ,then from relationships and marriage. Sometimes our expectations are extremely different from reality, here good advice works “Don’t expect a fairy tale or romantic movie “.It is not a secret that Sometimes reality can be cruel. Now,I want to talk about men,so man expects that woman will stay the same like in the the beginning.Woman should always stay stunning,should always want sex any moment of the day or night ,woman will stay in the same weight and keep good shape ,generally speaking,always funny,kind and loving . But nothing lasts forever... Of course women expect more than men,women are complicated creatures ,they always think too much,they always wants something that impossible in real life ,and when woman’s expectations are not the same with real life ,wow,she is disappointed . Dear women,please,don’t dream too much and always talk with your partner ,our men are not clairvoyants,they can’t read our thoughts and puzzle out our expectations. We have a tongue to talk ,and sometimes to play :)ahh So ,now about woman’s expectations It is natural for woman to think that she can change the man,can upgrade him and make him better ,maybe even ideal...It is absolutely wrong expectation,of course woman who are in love can make man feel beloved and this way more self confident.Love makes men perform brilliant feats. Now here is a huge dilemma,man expects that woman never changes and woman expects man will change. How to find the way ? All men and women have choices!!! I want to be happy ,happiness and love is my choice . What do you chose and what do you expect ? With best regards. Tania