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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss June!
Inna , 30 years old
Profile: 42728 Inna
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Hello, all members of find-bride community! It's a big honor for me to be
a lady of the month due to my blogs and thoughts. I am always sincere and
unfeigned in my posts. And this candor may lead to successful relationship
in future. So now you know one important fact about me: I love the truth.
What are other traits hiding deep inside my soul? I like laughing, telling
jokes, meeting friends, traveling around the world, watching movies,
reading books and helping others! If a man chooses me, he will see how
cheerful and generous I am. It is very important to give, not only
receive. Why am I looking for a foreigner? I visited the UAE, Italy,
Spain, France, Monaco, San Marino, Russia, Belarus, Morocco, Egypt,
Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Singapore. In these countries
there are friendly, pleasant people who impressed me with their love and
respect for the family. Also, I have an Italian soul. What does it mean?
Italy is my favorite country! If someone would ask me what is a dream
place for honeymoon, I would definetely mention Italy. Now I live in
Ukraine, but as soon as borders open, you may find me somewhere in the
South of the Apennine Peninsula. I like relaxed, polite people with good
sense of humor. If you like wine, you are the lucky one - I am a wine
expert (and that's a part of my job). I adore studying and learning
something new. I have two degrees! Personnel management and labor
economics is the job that will always be relevant. And the profession of a
cook is an activity for the soul. All people love delicious food and a
pleasant aroma in the kitchen! Cooking is an activity for a special state
of mind. Once my man will taste my culinary experiments... I really want
to find a travel partner, mentor, teacher, soulmate. I want to love his
soul, not just fantasies about this man. People are so often mistaken and
choose the wrong ones. I already have enough wisdom to give my heart to
the right person. It is very useful to be lonely sometimes, because you
make right conclusions. Now, it's time to leave the solitude behind... And
start a new happy life with a man of my heart! I sincerely hope that my
man reads this post and decides to write to me!

No stress! are you with me?
id: 39570

Do you know the main difference between a dream and a goal? A goal is like a dream, but the goal has a term. For example – I must build a successful career until I will become 40 years old person. And we become upset if we can not reach our goals. Did you notice that life is full of things which we must to do? I noticed it some time ago and I guess that a lot of people limit their life with this word. They cannot be relaxed and their life is like a neverending race. You go somewhere, you do something and that’s all because you must. Living full of stress will not turn life into something good I believe. It will not be living but just existing. We have just one life and we should enjoy it. Please, understand me right. I don’t mean that we should live without having goals. I just think that reaching goals should not be the main reason to live. The reason to live is a happy eyes of your beloved, the reason to live is swimming in the warm ocean waters, the reason to live is a looking at the sky full of stars. When did you look at the sky for the last time? You know I asked myself this question today and I was not able to find the answer. I understood that I should enjoy life more often. What about you? Wise people say that it does not matter how many years we lived. The most important is how many happy years we remember. And it's true I think! So I want to wish to all members of this forum to have more dreams and many happy moments. Life is too short to waste it! Thank you for attention.