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Darya , 38 years old
Profile: 37622 Darya
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She walks a street alone and returns home where a beloved man does not wait for her. She walks a park and sees lots of happy couples. Eyes of partners shine with happiness and love. It makes her sad and she starts to think of her life. She has a successful career and true friends, she has lots of hobbies and her life is very active. But all these things can not fill a whole in her heart. Her need is to feel the flame of love, her need is to give all the good things she has. She likes to listen to the singing of birds in the morning and she adores beautiful sunsets. It would be great to share wonderful moments with a special man. Hello to all the people who read this. This is Darya. All the things which were said above are true things which I wrote from the bottom of my heart. My dream is to find a man whom I will love as much as he will love me. I want my life to be turned into a happy life time journey which will be full of happy moments. Years will pass and we will grow old together. But our hearts will be young just like the hearts of kids. Love heals, love motivates, love makes us feel alive. And I am sure that I will reach my goal because my belief and hope are really strong.

Do you want to live like a celebrity? don’t miss your chance!
id: 37622

Mickey Rourke, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jim Carrey, Fred Durst, Cristiano Ronaldo. What thing connect all these famous men? Any suggestions? We are on a dating forum so the answer is easy I think. They all have relationships with Slavic women:) It was just a few examples. Mickey Rourke has a girlfriend from Ukraine. A lot of people don’t know how she did it to him. Everybody knows that he is not a one-woman man. But…he has a relationship with her only and admits that he is the happiest man! A famous actor Jean-Claude Van Damme has a relationship with a Ukrainian woman too. Once she told that his best feature is that he tells what's on his mind always. He doesn’t have secrets and speaks truth only. A girlfriend of Jim Carrey helped him to forget about his depression and she breathe a new life into him! And he tells that he did not feel himself as happy as he is these days. A frontman of a famous “Limp Bizkit” band has a girlfriend from Ukraine. He told that she is an amazing cook and her salads made him fall in love with her:)))) There are a lot of facts which prove that Slavic girls can make foreign men happy. Having of the foreign wife was a privilege of famous people only. Things changed and every foreign man can find a good woman from Ukraine. You should not be a famous actor to catch the attention of a good woman from Ukraine. Just love and respect her. She will motivate you and help you to reach your goals so you will feel yourself a happiest man! All you need to do is to write “Hello! How are you?” and I am sure that your dreams will come true!