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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss May!
Victoria , 31 years old
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I am infinitely pleased to be the girl of the month! in my life many things have happened, both good and bad, and one of the best events in my life is exactly that! in life I am optimistic and always believe only in the best, even if life tests me for strength. I like to appreciate moments, because it is from them consists our life. I believe in true love and true feelings, so I'm looking for my soulmate here. My life is happy, but the missing component is the sharing of love with a true life partner. It is very important for me that my partner shared my hobbies, was not just a loved one, but also a true friend. It is for such a person that I will go even to the ends of the world.
I am an open, calm person. I have a great sense of humor and I am a happy person most of the time. I am very good at making people laugh and look at the bright side of things. I love my profession, but family also means a lot to me. I try to combine weakness and a strong personality. My nickname is Kindly, I have a very kind heart and I am always ready to help someone who needs my help. My philosophy is to be kind to yourself and others.
Enjoy every moment!

Let's talk about pole dance!!!
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Hi my dear reader! This is my first blog on this site so please do not judge me harshly) Moreover, we will talk about pole dance!!! Pole dance today is the most controversial sport. Opinions of people about what is pole dance, are polarly different. The older generation often believes that it is vulgarity, inextricably linked with striptease; young people are happy to enroll in courses and participate in pole dance competitions. So what is it like - vulgarity, art, sport, or just a form of dance? As a dance coach on the pole, I will try to answer this question. Nowadays, pole dance is still perceived by many as sensual and erotic and is still actively used in strip clubs. But this is far from the only and not its main meaning anymore, pole dance today is a type of physical activity, in which both women and men are equally involved. There are a lot of rumors about this activity among people who are not familiar with pole dance. Some are generated by stereotypes, others by their own complexes, which prevent them from getting to know pole dance more closely. I asked around acquaintances of various ages, rummaged in the net - and collected a few myths about pole dance, which have nothing to do with reality: 1. Pole Dance - it went. This is due to the fact that many people see in the floor dance - a striptease, but vulgar striptease and fitness with the use of a pole are very different things. Modern pole dance is an art that combines rhythmic gymnastics, choreography and sport, and there is nothing vulgar about it. 2. Pole dance associated with overt dresses. For training on the pole really requires minimalist clothing, but not for the sake of seduction - but for the sake of providing the necessary grip with the pole Fabrics slip on steel pole and do not allow to perform elements. But not only is not it really necessary to have a really revealing clothes in the pole dance, but it also hinders: if you constantly correct the chest that falls out of the décolleté, it’s not very good to focus on the dance. The same applies to the legend of the need for shoes with ultra-high heels and wedges. These can be put on demonstration performances or competitions, but in the classroom special shoes are not needed: most prefer to comprehend the science of floor dance in socks or barefoot. 3. Pole dance is very hard. Contrary to another common myth, pole dance does not require special training. Yes, gymnastic skills or natural flexibility will be a plus, and if you have them - the first successes in pole dance will come very quickly. But if you are accustomed to thinking that you have the flexibility of a log, are physically weak and cannot withstand the load at all, drop your prejudices. Pole dance is a sport, and any sport activity involves the gradual development of skills. In the classroom, in addition to directly dancing on the pole, they are engaged in exercises for the development of flexibility and endurance. Careful study of all the muscles of the body allows you to gradually achieve the desired physical form to perform even the most difficult stunts. On the other hand, you should not tune in to the fact that once a lesson does not require physical training, it means that it will be given to you immediately. Pole dance satellites are aching limbs and bruises of various shapes and sizes. So it will be the first few weeks or months - it all depends on the sensitivity of your skin. When she gets used to intensive pole contacts, the bruises will stop appearing. And how do you feel about pole dance? Your opinion is very important to me.Warmly, Anastasia