Scientists are sure: one word can save your marriage
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In the USA, the average divorce rate is 45.8%. In other parts of the world, statistics are also disappointing. But why is this happening? Why do marriages break up? After all, every person on the planet dreams of family happiness and comfort. Many couples try to fight misunderstanding in the union. Scientists at UCLA have studied the power of kind words and their influence on human relationships. A couple who expresses mutual gratitude to each other becomes happier and closer. This small experiment lasted nine months. 50 pairs took part in it. Throughout the study, they periodically filled out forms with questions and kept their own diaries, in which they noted their attitude towards the partner. At the end of the study, it turned out that those couples who often showed respect for each other and remembered the word of thanks, became much closer and happier. Indeed, sometimes the usual “thank you” can work wonders. Often say thanks to each other and show respect and human attitude, and then your couple will never file for divorce. What do you think about that dear men?