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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss May!
Victoria , 31 years old
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I am infinitely pleased to be the girl of the month! in my life many things have happened, both good and bad, and one of the best events in my life is exactly that! in life I am optimistic and always believe only in the best, even if life tests me for strength. I like to appreciate moments, because it is from them consists our life. I believe in true love and true feelings, so I'm looking for my soulmate here. My life is happy, but the missing component is the sharing of love with a true life partner. It is very important for me that my partner shared my hobbies, was not just a loved one, but also a true friend. It is for such a person that I will go even to the ends of the world.
I am an open, calm person. I have a great sense of humor and I am a happy person most of the time. I am very good at making people laugh and look at the bright side of things. I love my profession, but family also means a lot to me. I try to combine weakness and a strong personality. My nickname is Kindly, I have a very kind heart and I am always ready to help someone who needs my help. My philosophy is to be kind to yourself and others.
Enjoy every moment!

Real true love must be naive and clear...
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If you forgive - forgive if you leave - leave If you love - love Have you noticed that in our modern world, people began to do everything half? We often do not make it to the end. We often throw words to the wind. We often do not fulfill these promises. We spend our time on meaningless things and do not notice how we miss the most important thing. We stopped being sincere. We are afraid to confess in our feelings and desires. We choose to sit still or,at best way, go with the flow, but we forget that only the fighter wins. We build high fences and we stopped communicating with people. It makes me very sad. I think this is a road to nowhere. Can you agree with me? I am a very open person and I live my life in my own way,acording to my personal moran values.I am always friendly with people and I try to help those who is in need .I try always keep my promises. If i can't do something I won't promise it and if I say something, I will definitely do it. I respect myself and I respect my wordI respect people and opinions of them. I think that if every person opens his heart and fills it with love for hisor her beloved ones, then the world will become brighter, kinder and more beautiful) Maybe you think I'm out of date and naive girl? but I believe that love will save the world.And Love simply must be naive and clear..just to be LOVE acording to it's very nature.. May I ask you if you are ready to be naive about this?:) Nataha)