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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss May!
Victoria , 31 years old
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I am infinitely pleased to be the girl of the month! in my life many things have happened, both good and bad, and one of the best events in my life is exactly that! in life I am optimistic and always believe only in the best, even if life tests me for strength. I like to appreciate moments, because it is from them consists our life. I believe in true love and true feelings, so I'm looking for my soulmate here. My life is happy, but the missing component is the sharing of love with a true life partner. It is very important for me that my partner shared my hobbies, was not just a loved one, but also a true friend. It is for such a person that I will go even to the ends of the world.
I am an open, calm person. I have a great sense of humor and I am a happy person most of the time. I am very good at making people laugh and look at the bright side of things. I love my profession, but family also means a lot to me. I try to combine weakness and a strong personality. My nickname is Kindly, I have a very kind heart and I am always ready to help someone who needs my help. My philosophy is to be kind to yourself and others.
Enjoy every moment!

I want to fall in love with my beloved man again and again.
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I am sure that you were asked many times if you trust in love at first sight..It is really very difficult question.I also thought so much if it is possiable to meet the man,to look into his eyes and to understand that it is HE-your beloved,the main man of all my life.But can it be possiable? Is Love just sight? Is love maybe attraction. Or maybe love it is sexual attraction.I don't know,I even don't know if it is good or bad that i never felt in love at first sight.But I want this really,want to be blessed with such wonderful feeling.Want to love him and to discover smth new in him every new day.I want to see my man and to see all his good and bad sides. Want to adore all his good features and to love him so much too accept all kinds of his imperfectness. I want just to love him so much and so deep that each cell of my body,my heart,my soul,my brain will cry,screm,wisper the words of love.I dream to find smth new in my man-even the smallest,tiniest thing in him will be great surprise for me.I want to be blessed and giftted with happiness to love be able to see all the best,ignore not ideal and to accept everything what can happen in our relationship.I want to be enough wise inspite of any age I will be,to forgive and to love with new much more stronger feelings.They say that love lives only 3,5 years or smth like that- I don't want to belive in this! In this case it was not love! It was just lust, maybe romantic or sexuall affears,but only not true real love.Love has so many faces and so many sides that it is simply impossiable to loose love for such short period of time-in this case you were not honest, you did not open your heart enough.I want to love forever. I want to open smth new and interesting in my man again and again) to read him like exciting novel.And I want to fall in love with him every day, every minute every new moment of life!I want to love forever and I will never let myself think that Love can go away! I don't want to belive in this!I will fall in love with my man even in his bad sides,I will forgive his mistakes and will fall into his imperfectness. I am ready to devote myself to this love and i will do this! I need only to find you in this huge world..Help me to find you please.. Julia