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Daria , 26 years old
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Important in all respects is attention. Attention may vary. Some of us require more attention, some less. Someone requires gifts, someone gentle kisses and pleasant words. But I am most pleased to receive reciprocity from any attention I have given. I get great joy when I can feel the happiness of another person. I think that this happens to everyone. Pride in what you did for this person, that it was you, the person who brought him happiness.
And many are looking for this attention. They search in many ways. And if there was such a path that would be ideal for us, people would become kinder, more responsive, more attentive to their loved ones. And I want to wish everyone mutual attention. It is important.
Each woman, like me, is pleased to receive attention. And in my opinion a man who appreciates his woman will never miss the opportunity to give this joy. But so a woman should not leave a man with the thought that everything he does for her is not important. I want to receive this attention from my beloved man and give many times more. I will appreciate every second, every moment, just to feel it.
So it’s not so difficult, for example, to say several times every day how you love your soul mate. And believe me, you will be ready to do incredible things for your soulmate. I wish you love)

Internet and real life.
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Do you know what words I hear often? “Internet is full of bad people and it's not easy to find a good person”. Do you hear these words often too? I want to admit that I agree with it but just partially. Why partially? I will explain it now. In my opinion, there is no huge difference between people on the internet and people in real life. People whom you meet on the internet are real people who go to work and have things to do. These people may be your neighbors, colleagues, people whom you met at the supermarket during shopping or just people whom you see on the streets of your city. And the thing you should keep on your mind is that you don’t know what things these people do on the internet. Yes, they may do some bad or good things. The main point is that the internet is just a reflection of real life. Real life is full of different people. Some are good but some are bad. And it even does not matter where you met a person. You may meet a good person in a place where you did not expect to meet it. In a bar which is full of drunk people for example. You may meet different type of people on any sites on the internet. What should I do about bad people you asking me? The best way is just to ignore them. Some bad people are like energetic vampires. They feed on the emotions of people they communicate with. So if you don’t want your energy to be drained then just ignore bad people. Let them think they want to think. I guess that situation will never change. Bad and good people will exist always. It's just like a neverending fight between good and evil. Summarizing the above, we should know that there is no much difference between people on the internet and people in real life. It’s the same people. And I am sure that you will find the right person when the right time will come. Strong will and patience make miracles.