Living like there is no tomorrow!
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Do you know that there are lots of people who are not satisfied with their lives? There may be different reasons for it. We live only once and it's necessary to enjoy life in my opinion. But what is the best way to do it? I guess that we should live like there is no tomorrow. But what about the future? Yes, we should plan it also but we should concentrate on today. We should enjoy wonderful moments today because there may not be others. That’s life and anything may happen. Do you like Simpsons cartoon? I like to watch it very much and want to tell you about one episode. Homer (main hero) was told that he will die in 24 hours. He was shocked and made a list of things he want to do until he will die. And it was a huge list! Life of this man was boring and he spent lots of time drinking a beer. But lots of plans appeared after he received such bad news. The episode has a good ending because he did not die. I am sure that this episode has a deep sense. We should live like it's our last day. We should tell about our feelings to our closest people. We should tell them how we love them. We should live a full life and enjoy it. Many of us forgot that life is a gift and we should be happy because we may live and love. I understand that it's not easy to keep all these things on the mind because life is full of stress and busy moments. We work a lot and days pass by very fast. But I believe that it's possible to find time to enjoy life. If you want something then you will get it sooner or later. My main wishes are to live a full life and to love unconditionally. I am ready for a new lifetime adventure which will be full of romantic moments. I am sure that my wish will come true! What is your opinion of my thoughts? I would like to know.