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Zhana , 23 years old
Profile: 38530 Zhana
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I am a simple girl from an ordinary Slavic family. I am apprecite the family's values and know how important to have the support and care from family! Since my childhood I dreamed of a family like any girl. I always know that there will be understanding loyalty and love in my own family!
But life apparently intended me to live alone for a certain period of time. I was tired of this and decided to act on my own. Therefore, I am here.
I can definitely say about myself that I am a very open and mature person. I am also very purposeful. I really like people who can be frank and know what they want to have in future. But unfortunately I do not meet them very often in my life. I understand that a person who finds his second half and feels close to him should happily do everything to keep this relationship close and happy forever. It is so difficult in the modern world to find someone who will be perfect fit for you. But i believe that I can)
Need to choose with your heart and not with your eyes. I adhere to this principle. For me it doesn’t matter what a person looks like, in what social or financial status he is, the most important what is in your heart and what treats of character you have. If a person has a good soul, what does the spot on his shirt or overweight matter?
I have been instilled with stable moral principles in my family and I am guided by them all my life. I cannot say that I have many good friends. But I can definitely say that for every good kind person I can become such a person.
I consider myself an interesting conversationalist.

Good clothes open all doors. is it so?
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There is a saying "good clothes open all doors". Does this saying work? I think it does. It`s trully so - if you are dressed well, if you have good manners, if you look good, if you can lead a conversation - the door will be opened for you. You`ll make good first impression on a person. And it`s 100% true when we talk about a woman. Is she beautiful? Is she dressed like a Queen? Is she hot? Does she have good shapes, long legs, pretty face? Men`s doors are opened. They are impressed and ready to fall in love. Because you know "men love with their eyes". By the way women prefer to love with their "ears". So use more compliments!! Just a joke) But is it enough for a woman? Just to look good? I mean yes, she`s maden a good first impression and won the man`s heart (may be not heart but his attention - for sure) but what goes further? Love? Long term relationships? Family? I doubt it. And you know why? Cause woman`s outlook is not everything. If you are searching for long-term relationships better look at who she is inside. Don`t look at her breasts or her face or her legs. Look at other things. Ask yourself: "Is she wise? Is she smart? Is she kind? Is she careful, loyal, down to Earth, faithful?" How does she communicate with her friends, with her parents? Is she kind with them? Isn`t she selfish or greedy? And if you start to answer these questions you`ll see that pretty face is not everything. it`s only a very small part. So if you choose between these two types of women (let`s imagine) better to choose the second one. May be she is not so bright as the first one, not so beautiful and has her disadvantages but you`ll be happy with her. That`s for sure. Good clothes open all doors? Yes, they do. But just to open a door is not enough. You`ll have to come in and stay there) And clothes won`t help you if you don`t have inner values. I am risking to bore those who read it so I`d better finish now. Choose good women and be happy with them!