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Greetings to Miss January!
Anna , 36 years old
Profile: 11101 Anna
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Many people around are just in a constant fighting, running somewhere, rushing every now and there.... All this hustle and bustle excites their mind and they don't know where to stop at. They live like this all their lives.
But I am here saying - NO worries, it's time to have a short look at your past, set your mind on your present, and to set the goals for a future.
Don't forget we are here for happiness, caring and self-indulge!
I've never suffered from anxiety, never rushed. I live in a constant ray of light in my life. I know this shine can be deflected, thus multiplified, when a man loves a woman for real.
For me a love is like a fireplace, burning when you put some coals in it. I am ready to give passion, romantic mood, and coziness. What can be better than these warm moments spent together? Nothing may interchange this. Maybe you are like me - and you are ready to stop for a moment and enjoy what destiny prepared?

The difference of ages in the relationship!
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I would like to pay attention to the frequent and even trivial question about the age difference and how it affects relationships! And let me say that age just show numbers, but don't show inner world, soul, seriousness. People often face the fear of being condemned by society, fear of misunderstanding due to the difference in age and instability of young people! But Don't you think that these problems are made up by the person ownself? What is the difference what others think if people are happy? People have become too dependent on the opinion of society and to succumb to the opinion of the "herd" is not an option, need to act in your own interests and follow your own desires, and not try to satisfy the dubious demands of society. How we can say about the misunderstanding due to the difference in age and instability of young people if it's not depend from the age! The person can be a good, kind, reliable, serious, responsible, honesty, sincerely, understanding, caring but can be vice versa. And it's important understand that the behavior and actions of person do not depend from thr age, it's depend from the character and upbringing! That's way in the process in knowing each other we must care about inner world of person, and forget about the age's stereotypes. Conclusion: the age is not an indicator for the success of a relationship! Hope it'll be usefull! Thank u for attention!