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Daria , 26 years old
Profile: 38578 Daria
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Important in all respects is attention. Attention may vary. Some of us require more attention, some less. Someone requires gifts, someone gentle kisses and pleasant words. But I am most pleased to receive reciprocity from any attention I have given. I get great joy when I can feel the happiness of another person. I think that this happens to everyone. Pride in what you did for this person, that it was you, the person who brought him happiness.
And many are looking for this attention. They search in many ways. And if there was such a path that would be ideal for us, people would become kinder, more responsive, more attentive to their loved ones. And I want to wish everyone mutual attention. It is important.
Each woman, like me, is pleased to receive attention. And in my opinion a man who appreciates his woman will never miss the opportunity to give this joy. But so a woman should not leave a man with the thought that everything he does for her is not important. I want to receive this attention from my beloved man and give many times more. I will appreciate every second, every moment, just to feel it.
So it’s not so difficult, for example, to say several times every day how you love your soul mate. And believe me, you will be ready to do incredible things for your soulmate. I wish you love)

Does kissing bring pleasure or harm? let's figure it out?
id: 38578

Kisses! It seems to be such a common and usual thing for us, but it turns out that representatives of about half of humanity do not practice kissing on the lips at all. Did you know about this fact? In fact, it is Kisses in our usual form that are not widely spread throughout the entire planet, and people can kiss not only their lips on the lips, but in a different way, as is common in their culture, to rub their noses, or their cheek, or just inhale the smell of the neck. But something in this spirit does absolutely everything. Why do people kiss? To express your affection to show the inclination or simply to say hello to a well-known person. But if you think about it, the manner of kissing may look strange, and even quite ugly. We exchange saliva with someone and sometimes it happens for a long time. In one kiss, up to 80 million bacteria are transmitted and not all of them are harmless. The earliest mention of behavior resembling the exchange of kisses is found in Hindu Vedic texts in Sanskrit age of 3,500 years. They said that kissing means breathing the soul into each other. The face is the most protected part of the body in case of danger, we first of all close the face forgetting about the rest of the body. If one person lets another person into the area of his face, and even closes his eyes, it means a rather large degree of trust. And in the lips are erogenous zones, it is logical that people do not rub their noses, this brings less pleasant sensations. But there is a less romantic theory and a rather nasty one. Even in the Stone Age, when the body needed salts, people tried to fill the shortage, and the body of a beautiful girl who lived next door in a cave could release salt. People licked and kissed each other. By the way, the longest kiss happened on February 14, 2013. A couple from Thailand set a world record continuously kissing 58 hours 35 minutes 58 seconds. And the most enduring kisser Alfred Wolfram on September 15, 1990, at the festival, kissed 8,000 people in 8 hours, that is, a person in every 3 seconds. How much time do you spend to bring your loved one a pleasant sensation kissing her on the lips?