Relations between the foreigners. could they exist? does love need a language?
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I can say “YES!” And I think such relationships are very romantic. People try to do everything to show their love to each other without words but with a help of deeds. The language of love is understandable to people who speak different languages. For a romantic relationship, it doesn't matter at all whether people speak the same language. Words, words, words… Should we use them in true love? Again “YES!” In daily life we need to talk and to understand each other. In order for you to be heard and understood, you need to be explained in one language with your companion. Failure to find a common language leads to frequent offenses, quarrels and conflicts in relationships. Sometimes absolutely not important things for one become a stumbling block for another. If you want to create a family you should talk, and talk a lot. The only solution is to study the language your lover speaks. And I can’t find any other cuter thing than studying together and teaching the other part of your heart. This process strengthens relationships, shows the tolerance of your soulmate. What I can say in conclusion, common work at the relationships, building the family is impossible without understanding, not only spiritual but also simple of everyday life. Strong will and patience make miracles. So, don’t be afraid of creating magic in real life!