Blog of a sensitive woman
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I feel that I need to tell about something now. It would be difficult for me to tell it with words so writing is an easier thing to do. What I want to tell you, my reader? I finished watching a movie a few minutes ago. It had sooooo sad ending so it was really difficult not to cry. I had tears in my eyes because the movie had a very heart touching story. My mum told me before that I have a very sensitive personality. By the way, she is the same type of person. I want to admit that it's not easy to be such type of person. For example, I can not see people or animals suffer. I remember that I brought homeless animals home a few times before. As a volunteer of animals shelter, i know that it's necessary to help animals if you see them suffer. I don’t do it because I must to. I do it because I want. And there is no other choice for me. Mum told me that I take things too close to my heart and I will be such type person always I think. But I believe that it’s a good feature. People who have such personality knows how to love and to be loved. Love is not about the mind. Love is about feelings inside of your heart and soul. As a sensitive woman, I know what real love is. Its if you cannot breathe without a beloved person near. Its if you think of it many times during a day and its if you know that you can give everything you have for love. That’s what I call real love. I don’t want to be hurt by love. But I know that it's necessary to keep your heart open. It's open to new love and to new feelings which will change not only my life but the life of my partner. I want us to cry and to laugh together and each day will be as a huge gift for us. That’s how I imagine my future.