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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss January!
Anna , 36 years old
Profile: 11101 Anna
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Many people around are just in a constant fighting, running somewhere, rushing every now and there.... All this hustle and bustle excites their mind and they don't know where to stop at. They live like this all their lives.
But I am here saying - NO worries, it's time to have a short look at your past, set your mind on your present, and to set the goals for a future.
Don't forget we are here for happiness, caring and self-indulge!
I've never suffered from anxiety, never rushed. I live in a constant ray of light in my life. I know this shine can be deflected, thus multiplified, when a man loves a woman for real.
For me a love is like a fireplace, burning when you put some coals in it. I am ready to give passion, romantic mood, and coziness. What can be better than these warm moments spent together? Nothing may interchange this. Maybe you are like me - and you are ready to stop for a moment and enjoy what destiny prepared?

Ukrainian birthday
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Hello, dear users of this site. I am glad to tell you that Ukrainian people like celebrating holidays, and we have lots of them: Easter, Xmas, New Year, Ivana Kupala, Halloween, Women's Day, St Valentine's, Mother's Day, etc. Some of the holidays are taked from foreign cultures (we are close to each other, you see!), and some of them are connected to religion. But most of all I like birthday, because it's your own holiday! Maybe we feel a little but sad on this day, but it's okay. We just understand that we are getting older, and it's time to act like a more mature person. How do Ukrainian people celebrate birthdays? You may imagine a big table with different kinds of vodka and lots of meat, salads with mayo and lots of drunk people around. That's not true)... We celebrate like foreign cultures do: call each other, gather a good group of friends and go out. It can be a night club (for younger people), karaoke club, cozy restaurant or nature! I am lucky to be a spring girl, so I will celebrate my birthday on the bank of the river! I will call my girls and we will cook kebab or steaks. I will bring different beverages, some vegetable, fruits and huge cake! I will put candles on the top of my cake, light them and make a wish... Of course, this wish will be connected to my main dream - getting married! And then we will dance from the dusk till dawn. By the way, you can join us!) Thank you for reading my short blog about Ukrainian birthdays!