The best friends lots of us can not imagine a life without
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A reader of my blog, how was your day? I had an ordinary working day and was in a good mood on my way home. But one thing caught my attention. No, it was not a thing. It was a little black puppy on the side of the road. I don’t know how and why it was there but seems like it was abandoned. I found it in a place where not many people walk usually. I also did not notice collar on him. I just was not able to pass by of it and to forget what I saw. So I decided to take it home. I work as a volunteer at an animal shelter beside my main job. I guess puppy will stay with me tonight but I will take it to shelter tomorrow. I gave it food and puppy sleeping in my room now. You know I have tears in my eyes if I see abandoned animals on the streets usually. I know for sure that not all animals you see on a street are homeless. Some of them were abandoned by people. I can not understand how some people may be so cruel. We had 2 dogs in a family when I was a little girl so I love animals since childhood. Animals are the best friends who will stay with a master no matter what. They cheer you up and will never make you feel lonely. I don’t know what will happen to a puppy. But I know that we will find a new home for it. I work with good people who love animals as much as me. By the way, I plan to visit pet exhibition on the weekend and it will be great I think! That’s a real pleasure to see happy animals and happy owners. Seeing such things bring good mood to me usually. Don’t know about you but I imagine happy partners, kids, and animals if I hear the phrase “A perfect family”. Sorry for taking your time but I just was not able to keep all these things inside. I felt that I needed to share it. Hope that I did it not in vain.