To argue or to have an open discussion? what is the difference?
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I know that many people look for a perfect partner and they want to build a perfect relationship. It will be a relationship which will be full of love and understanding and quarrels will never happen. But is it possible to build such type of relationship? I would like to share my thoughts on it today. I think you agree with me that there are no partners which fit each other perfectly so it's absolutely normal to have misunderstandings sometimes. And it's also normal to have different points of view on some things. The main question is – how will partners act in this way? Some start to become too emotional so they can not control what they say. They think that they are 100% right and don’t want to listen to a different opinion. The bad thing if another partner is such a type person too. Both partners start to scream and nobody knows what may happen next. I think that too much of emotions make you blind and deaf so it's necessary to keep your emotions under control. It's not enough to listen to your partner. You should be able to HEAR what it want to tell you. There are some questions which may help to solve a conflict. These questions are “Why do you think so?”, “Why do you think that you are right?”, “Can you suggest that you are wrong for a minute?”. I believe that its good to be emotional in a relationship. But not always. If 2 partners have different points of view on something then its necessary to keep your mind cold. The main difference between argue and open discussion is the assumption that you may be wrong. If partners argue then they do not have it. But if they have an open discussion then they are both mentally ready to change their point of view. That was my thoughts on this subject. I hope that your heart will be hot but the mind will be cold. May honest and open discussions happen in your life always.