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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss May!
Victoria , 31 years old
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I am infinitely pleased to be the girl of the month! in my life many things have happened, both good and bad, and one of the best events in my life is exactly that! in life I am optimistic and always believe only in the best, even if life tests me for strength. I like to appreciate moments, because it is from them consists our life. I believe in true love and true feelings, so I'm looking for my soulmate here. My life is happy, but the missing component is the sharing of love with a true life partner. It is very important for me that my partner shared my hobbies, was not just a loved one, but also a true friend. It is for such a person that I will go even to the ends of the world.
I am an open, calm person. I have a great sense of humor and I am a happy person most of the time. I am very good at making people laugh and look at the bright side of things. I love my profession, but family also means a lot to me. I try to combine weakness and a strong personality. My nickname is Kindly, I have a very kind heart and I am always ready to help someone who needs my help. My philosophy is to be kind to yourself and others.
Enjoy every moment!

Because of past offenses and dissapointments,we can not overlook the opportunities that life gives us.
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We are all here with different goals,some of us want to find future life partner-wife or husband,others want to meet romantic flirting relationship,someone wants to find real true friend.Any way if we are here it means we are lonely or we have a lack of romance or love in own life.I am here on this dating site to meet my loveand i hope) future husband.In the main all of us are already rather grown up people with own life story,with own love stories,happiness,dissapointments,pain of past not successful relationships,with own broken hearts and kilometers of damaged nerves with scandals,different kinds of dramas and fights- It is life- no one is protected from unhappy love or not happy marriage.A lot of us had to cope with painfull procedure of divorce.It is really very painfull, seems like part of your soul is dying. And When you pass over this hundreds of bad thoughts coming into your head your suffer.In such time you think that life has stopped, and you will never let no one come into your heart and break it again.You promise yourself that it will never repeat in your life again.Bad thoughts,broken heart and badly wounded soul pursue you and seems like wispers you-"Don't let no one love you","Be carefull you can get burnt with bad love story again"And you become like the snail that closed in own shell of love disappointments.Experiance is very paradoxical thing- it is very good and bad thing at the same time.They say that time heels-no it is not true.Time helps us wipe out emotions but not facts from memory.And Time gives us chances- chances to change smth in own lives.We meet new people,we get new friends and colleagues,we meet in supermarkets,cafes,join internet dating service with hope to become happier,change own life path and life story.With broken heart,dissapointments of previous relationships,sometimes with pain and without hope we still go ahead because we live,because we exist and breathe and we cope with everything and search.It is our nature.The very nature of human obligates us to love,to search for love and not to give up.But we are all very much different-some of us are not enough strong to forgive,to forget and start new page is life.But we must become stronger and to find own reserves to leave past offenses in past.We have to leave past just for past to become happy again and enjoy life, enjoy new day,new beloved,new kiss.Give yourself a chance just to meet your new love,new opportunity to become beloved.Life is full of happy chances and surprises and gives us a lot of possibilities to change own life just leave your own shell of past disappointments.I have left mine and I am ready with open clear heart to love and to be loved again.You too! Make this step and simply become happy! Wish you to be happy and loved.. Polina