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Darya , 38 years old
Profile: 37622 Darya
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She walks a street alone and returns home where a beloved man does not wait for her. She walks a park and sees lots of happy couples. Eyes of partners shine with happiness and love. It makes her sad and she starts to think of her life. She has a successful career and true friends, she has lots of hobbies and her life is very active. But all these things can not fill a whole in her heart. Her need is to feel the flame of love, her need is to give all the good things she has. She likes to listen to the singing of birds in the morning and she adores beautiful sunsets. It would be great to share wonderful moments with a special man. Hello to all the people who read this. This is Darya. All the things which were said above are true things which I wrote from the bottom of my heart. My dream is to find a man whom I will love as much as he will love me. I want my life to be turned into a happy life time journey which will be full of happy moments. Years will pass and we will grow old together. But our hearts will be young just like the hearts of kids. Love heals, love motivates, love makes us feel alive. And I am sure that I will reach my goal because my belief and hope are really strong.

A little about your childhood
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In childhood I was a strange child. No, they did not beat me, did not hurt me and did not tease me. I did not eat kozyavki and was not plump. I loved animals more than people, dreamed of becoming a veterinarian and a vegan and protecting nature. ⠀ my favorite animal was an alligator, with all sincerity I believed that he was angry, because he was not loved, and when crocodiles would feel the love of at least one little man, they would become kinder. I kissed frogs and saved fireflies from children. ⠀ once a boy from our yard brought me a bouquet of lilacs. I was sick, went out into the corridor with temperature, and broke into a smile that he came to visit. but when a bunch of freshly picked branches looked out from behind his back, she said: “Do you know how painful the tree made? I don't want to be friends with you ever again. ” closed the door in front of his nose and never spoke to him again. he ran out in tears from the front door. Mom explained that it’s not so possible with the boys, that this is a manifestation of attention, that the flowers are good, that it’s so right. but the indignant 7-year-old soul could not forgive such a betrayal. ⠀ I still do not like flowers for no reason and I want to protect the planet. she is going to be green. no housewife likes guests who leave dirt behind and break furniture, right?