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Darya , 38 years old
Profile: 37622 Darya
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She walks a street alone and returns home where a beloved man does not wait for her. She walks a park and sees lots of happy couples. Eyes of partners shine with happiness and love. It makes her sad and she starts to think of her life. She has a successful career and true friends, she has lots of hobbies and her life is very active. But all these things can not fill a whole in her heart. Her need is to feel the flame of love, her need is to give all the good things she has. She likes to listen to the singing of birds in the morning and she adores beautiful sunsets. It would be great to share wonderful moments with a special man. Hello to all the people who read this. This is Darya. All the things which were said above are true things which I wrote from the bottom of my heart. My dream is to find a man whom I will love as much as he will love me. I want my life to be turned into a happy life time journey which will be full of happy moments. Years will pass and we will grow old together. But our hearts will be young just like the hearts of kids. Love heals, love motivates, love makes us feel alive. And I am sure that I will reach my goal because my belief and hope are really strong.

Different but similar??? is it possible? yes!
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I guess you heard many times that if partners want to be happy together then they should be similar types of persons. But according to well-known info, there are 4 types of temperament. Sanguine person, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic. A sanguine person is positive and optimistic always. It's almost not possible for such a person to be in a bad mood. But this person may be too self-confident and it likes to hurry things up. Choleric has tons of energy! To move is to live. It’s a motto of choleric person. They are good leaders. But they lack patience and they may be too emotional sometimes. A phlegmatic person is very calm. He is very patient and likes to think a lot before doing something. So this person does not make mistakes often. But this type of person may become too passive if things will go wrong. It's not easy to phlegmatic to adapt to new things. And the last type is melancholic. They are very sensitive and listen to heart more than to a mind. This person has a creative mind. But they are pessimistic and see the world in black colors mostly. What type of person are you I wonder? I want to return to the start of my blog. 4 types of temperament. There are good chances that you may meet a lady who will have a different type of temperament than yours. You may be choleric but your lady may be melancholic. These types of temperament are very different. Does it mean that it's not possible to build a happy relationship in this case? You will be glad to know that it's possible! Partners may have different hobbies, different types of mood, etc. But it’s a small thing. The secret of happiness is to have the same or similar points of view on really important things. Things which matters. It’s a work, family, goals, and love of course! Knowing the temperament of your lady will help you to treat her well. But the rest of the things are in the hands of both partners. There is no perfect compatibility but there are 2 hearts beating as one.