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Darya , 38 years old
Profile: 37622 Darya
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She walks a street alone and returns home where a beloved man does not wait for her. She walks a park and sees lots of happy couples. Eyes of partners shine with happiness and love. It makes her sad and she starts to think of her life. She has a successful career and true friends, she has lots of hobbies and her life is very active. But all these things can not fill a whole in her heart. Her need is to feel the flame of love, her need is to give all the good things she has. She likes to listen to the singing of birds in the morning and she adores beautiful sunsets. It would be great to share wonderful moments with a special man. Hello to all the people who read this. This is Darya. All the things which were said above are true things which I wrote from the bottom of my heart. My dream is to find a man whom I will love as much as he will love me. I want my life to be turned into a happy life time journey which will be full of happy moments. Years will pass and we will grow old together. But our hearts will be young just like the hearts of kids. Love heals, love motivates, love makes us feel alive. And I am sure that I will reach my goal because my belief and hope are really strong.

The way people celebrate a wedding in different countries
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Happy dating leads to marriage in most cases. A wedding day is a really special and memorable day. People take lots of photos and partners make a wedding movie to watch it later. There are lots of smiles, congratulations, and sweet words. That’s a celebration of love! I believe that lots of single people want to have such a special day in their lives. A wedding ceremony goes usual and predictable way in most cases. But there are some real and unusual ways to celebrate a marriage and I want to tell you about it today! Some Chinese people have an old wedding tradition. A woman who received a marriage proposal and said yes should cry for 10 days alone. Then her family members should join her to cry 10 more days. And finally, her friends should join her family to cry together. Why? There is an omen that if the woman will cry before a wedding a lot then her family life will be happy and she will never cry again. Interesting! Isn't it? People who live in Sahara desert do another interesting thing. They feed women a lot. They think that the bigger woman will be the sooner she will become married! One more unusual wedding tradition from Uzbekistan people. The first night after the wedding a wife should spend with her relatives. Her husband will spend the second night after the wedding with her. People who live in Kenya allow a woman to become married if she is pregnant only. A man from Nicobar islands is forced to do anything his wife ask him to do. It should last for 40 days after the wedding. I hope you enjoyed what I wrote about different wedding traditions. Sure not all people follow it because more and more people start to follow modern traditions. It's their choice and they can do anything they want. People may follow old or modern traditions, some partners may live together even without marriage. I believe that there is just one and the most important thing. It’s a happiness of partners. If man and woman are happy together then they do everything right.