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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss June!
Inna , 30 years old
Profile: 42728 Inna
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Hello, all members of find-bride community! It's a big honor for me to be
a lady of the month due to my blogs and thoughts. I am always sincere and
unfeigned in my posts. And this candor may lead to successful relationship
in future. So now you know one important fact about me: I love the truth.
What are other traits hiding deep inside my soul? I like laughing, telling
jokes, meeting friends, traveling around the world, watching movies,
reading books and helping others! If a man chooses me, he will see how
cheerful and generous I am. It is very important to give, not only
receive. Why am I looking for a foreigner? I visited the UAE, Italy,
Spain, France, Monaco, San Marino, Russia, Belarus, Morocco, Egypt,
Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Singapore. In these countries
there are friendly, pleasant people who impressed me with their love and
respect for the family. Also, I have an Italian soul. What does it mean?
Italy is my favorite country! If someone would ask me what is a dream
place for honeymoon, I would definetely mention Italy. Now I live in
Ukraine, but as soon as borders open, you may find me somewhere in the
South of the Apennine Peninsula. I like relaxed, polite people with good
sense of humor. If you like wine, you are the lucky one - I am a wine
expert (and that's a part of my job). I adore studying and learning
something new. I have two degrees! Personnel management and labor
economics is the job that will always be relevant. And the profession of a
cook is an activity for the soul. All people love delicious food and a
pleasant aroma in the kitchen! Cooking is an activity for a special state
of mind. Once my man will taste my culinary experiments... I really want
to find a travel partner, mentor, teacher, soulmate. I want to love his
soul, not just fantasies about this man. People are so often mistaken and
choose the wrong ones. I already have enough wisdom to give my heart to
the right person. It is very useful to be lonely sometimes, because you
make right conclusions. Now, it's time to leave the solitude behind... And
start a new happy life with a man of my heart! I sincerely hope that my
man reads this post and decides to write to me!

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart...
id: 39361

I will tell you one story from my life.And if it helps and inspires at least one person, then my blog is not written in vain. And that means my day is not in vain. And that means I'm happy )When I was still a little girl,I often defended the honor of the school in competitions. I liked to practice sports, I liked to hold the victory cup in my hands, I liked how teachers and classmates congratulate me and are proud of me. But most of all I liked the eyes of my mother every time I took another victory.I will never forget this look, overflowing with love,tenderness and a little anxiety.My mother has always been to my competitions, but one day she could not come. She went to the hospital. These were important competitions for me and for my future career.It was the final and I had every chance to win. But my mom was in a bad condition. I was very worried about her, my attention was scattered and at the most crucial moment I fell.I could not get up in pain. All my aspirations, plans and dreams collapsed before my eyes.The victory was so close but I missed it. I clearly realized everything that I was losing at the moment, but my heart was filled with desires, childhood dreams and did not yet know the fear of failure. And then I clenched my teeth, I clenched my fists and I stood up. I really wanted to win, I wanted to leave a mark in the history of my school and my city, I wanted to prove to myself what I can do, but most of all I wanted to see my mom's eyes again, which are proud of me. I would give everything to see those eyes again. I was far behind rivals and victory seemed impossible, but I did it. I won.Soon my mother recovered and confessed to me: When she was taken to the operation, she thought that she must recover, because more than anything she wants to see my happy eyes again when I take another victory in my life.Mom wanted to see me again, and I wanted to see her. Our dreams have done more than we expected. Then at the competitions I won a lot more than another award. I learned how high our dreams can lift us and what our desires are capable of. People, dream!Dream as children can dream: sincerely, with all your heart, not knowing fear and barriers. Love, create, dream and you will succeed, as it happened to me))