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Anna , 36 years old
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Many people around are just in a constant fighting, running somewhere, rushing every now and there.... All this hustle and bustle excites their mind and they don't know where to stop at. They live like this all their lives.
But I am here saying - NO worries, it's time to have a short look at your past, set your mind on your present, and to set the goals for a future.
Don't forget we are here for happiness, caring and self-indulge!
I've never suffered from anxiety, never rushed. I live in a constant ray of light in my life. I know this shine can be deflected, thus multiplified, when a man loves a woman for real.
For me a love is like a fireplace, burning when you put some coals in it. I am ready to give passion, romantic mood, and coziness. What can be better than these warm moments spent together? Nothing may interchange this. Maybe you are like me - and you are ready to stop for a moment and enjoy what destiny prepared?

Harmony in family life - wife has a headache and her husband is tired at work))
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Each of us read,heard or told so many seriouse things about love,relationship and marriage.Let's look at all these from another side-from humorouse!) In fact life and marriage are not so hard.And it is not always true that we need to work extremly hard over relationship and marriage)Maybe if to look at everything from light ,funny,humorouse way your relationship will start sparkle with new colors?:)It is very sad and dull to be always in "so much seriouse relationship "that you can not even smile?:)Smile! Look at some moments from your life or from life of your friends,or even fron your own priviouse experiance)Each man tries to be Prince and puts rose petals all over the flat,but in the morning all petals have turn into socks) It is life-all men are the same) the main not to forget that in the evening he was Prince)But dear women,you are also not perfect! Once your beloved man can ask you "What pants to take on,-those that are not ironed,or those that are not buttoned?" We women) can be so much distracted and forgetful)We all are so much imperfect,each of us has so many weaknesses.But it is so sweet to notice such small things about each other) and to take all kinds of difficulties and misunderstandings into jokes?My close friend told her husband that she wants to be his friend. He opened a can of beer and began to tell her how he got tired with his family life.Since then she doesn't offer him to be friend) Any way they are happy)Maybe because both have very good sence of humor)Why is joke about relationships so popular?Just the theme of love is familiar to every adult. And jokes help to look at this feeling from a different angle.We meet,fall in love,build relationship and family) and it is great luck to have sence of humor to cope with everyday routine.Each woman think that she is given to her husband(her beloved man) as real gift from heaven) but each man doesn't know for what sins) Such life) Family life is really funny )Relationship between man and woman it is paradox)each of us thinks that our couple will be able to become"not like others"and will be the happiest in the world)but very often)we only make each other too much religiouse) and even the atheists start to belive in hell) LOL) such truth of life) I also had to cope with this) my heart has got heeled) and now I can only make fun over this and my first marriage)I remember that once my ex husband told me that he had given me his heart and I just laughted and asked him better to return killometers of my nervouse) How much it is important to stay positive about life,marriage,each other;to joke over all surprises family life gives us.Try to see only all the best in each other)and to forgive) woman can have headackes) man can get very much tired at work).It is aspects of family-each family! Let's be honest-it is very common among all families)The main love each other always,because family like it is paradise and hell,tears and smiles,love and hate,passion and silence.The most important never betray each other!Love each other and joke)Even husband is very much tired and sleeps like a log-he is the dearest person in the world,beloved!And wife with headache is your treasure,the most beautiful woman in the world! your woman! Harmony in family it is simply to love each other and understand)And to be on the same wave)if wife has headacke,her husband must be tired at work!LOL) Polina