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Greetings to Miss January!
Anna , 36 years old
Profile: 11101 Anna
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Many people around are just in a constant fighting, running somewhere, rushing every now and there.... All this hustle and bustle excites their mind and they don't know where to stop at. They live like this all their lives.
But I am here saying - NO worries, it's time to have a short look at your past, set your mind on your present, and to set the goals for a future.
Don't forget we are here for happiness, caring and self-indulge!
I've never suffered from anxiety, never rushed. I live in a constant ray of light in my life. I know this shine can be deflected, thus multiplified, when a man loves a woman for real.
For me a love is like a fireplace, burning when you put some coals in it. I am ready to give passion, romantic mood, and coziness. What can be better than these warm moments spent together? Nothing may interchange this. Maybe you are like me - and you are ready to stop for a moment and enjoy what destiny prepared?

A box of chocolates. what chocolate will you get?
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Do you know what is one of my favorite movies? It’s “Forrest Gump”. I am sure you heard about this one. It's a very famous movie which received a lot of rewards. And I am not surprised why! Great actors and interesting scenario made this movie a classic! And it has a lot of interesting dialogues and phrases which became well known all over the world. One of my favorite phrases is “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get”. And it's true I believe! Life is full of unexpected things. What will happen tomorrow? What will happen in a year? We don’t know! And it what makes our life interesting! Don’t you think so? It's not good if everything is predictable. Things may be good or bad. But do you know that is an important thing? We don’t know what chocolate we will get tomorrow so it's necessary to stay prepared. My mom always told me that bad times should not make me feel down. She is a hard working woman and there were lots of obstacles in her life. But she was positive and optimistic always! How she did it? I don’t know. I guess it her secret. But she is right I think! Crying will never help to solve problems. We should face obstacles with a cold mind. Emotions do not allow us to see things clearly. And my father told me that family and closest people will always help to survive during bad times in life. He is a family oriented man and my mom know that she may count on him always. I am not a too experienced woman and I know that a lot of different things will happen in my life but I know that every obstacle I overcome make me wiser. I value experience and I develop myself because of it. In general, it does not matter if we have good or bad times these days. We live and breathe and each day should be like a gift to us. What do you think about it? I don’t know what “chocolates” you will get in the future but I have a hope that there will be lots of sweet and tasty ones.