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Greetings to Miss December!
Eleonora , 41 years old
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It`s so hard to do the first step! But I`m not afraid so I just do it!
Many people ask me: "What is a woman like me doing on a dating site?" I often smile, when I get similar questions. It is certainly nice to realize that a man considers me beautiful, attractive and that he wonders why I'm not married yet. What can I say about it. I am a simple Ukrainian woman, who has seen a lot in my life and, as a result, realized that there is nothing closer, dearer and stronger than a family. First, this is the family that raised you, and then the one that you created yourself. I want to create something special, to leave a mark on this world. I choose this site and I hope I was not mistaken! I believe that my man is now sitting on the other side of the screen and reading this. I know that I will find him here! I give myself a chance for happiness! Everyone deserves it.
When I`m thinking about my future I see the winter day like today, I`m sitting with my lovely husband by the fireplace, we have a drink of mulled wine, listen to how the burning firewood is crunching and talk about everything. My parents often sat by the fireplace and just talked to each other. They thought that I was already sleeping, and I quietly on my toes approached the door and looked at them. I liked to look at them and listen to their conversations. They could talk for hours. It always struck me. These are so simple desires but so important for me!
I do not want noisy parties, vivid dramatic moments, I just want a quiet family happiness. For my beloved man to hurry home after a hard day, just to hug me and see my smile. For him, I will become the guardian of home comfort, and he is for me a fortress in which I will be protected from pain and adversity. I will be proud of my man and believe in him even more than he believes in himself!
It’s so hard to really open your soul for people! But I'm doing it now and I won’t regret anything! I will just believe in the fulfillment of my desires, as in childhood! After all, to remain a child in the soul and believe in miracles is the wisest thought in the world! Life is too short, so if you want something, just do it!

Time to get married
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Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. I am a mature and wise woman, so probably my thoughts will help you to make some conclusions. My age is perfect for marriage, and it's only my decision. Yes, I am divorced, and it happened to me when I was too young. I didn't listen to my heart, and now it's time to make some changes. Please, everyone, listen to your heart! Life is short, and we live only once... We shouldn't spend our precious time on those who won't appreciate us! We need to find someone who will support and love us with this pure and clear love! Life is not for fun, life is for joy... It's different. We should feel happy next to others. Only you decide when it's time to get married, not someone else!) Modern society has its own standards of a good age for marriage, which makes many women feel depressed. It's so silly! You shouldn't follow standards of people, create your own standard!) And it comes to men, too! Dear men, forget about age gap, just follow your dreams and you will find the best woman for you... Thank you for reading till the very end! Tetiana).