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Lady of the month
Greetings to Miss September!
Olesya , 34 years old
Profile: 40622 Olesya
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Hello. My name is Olesya and I'm immensely happy that I was chosen as the girl of the month!

To be honest, I did not expect that this could happen to me. I just wrote about my feelings, about what is happening in my soul. I am doubly pleased that some men supported me. I am very grateful to them for friendly advice and nice words, but still I came to this site because I want to find my happiness, my love, my future husband. I believe in fate, and it seems to me that this site will help me reunite with my loved one. My soul is full of tenderness, and I flutter like a butterfly looking for its most delicious flower. I feel that a little more, and I will reach my goal, and I will find what I have been looking for so long.

If to speak about me, then I am a simple girl who took a risk in spite of everything to start life anew. I work, relax, enjoy and just live. I try to spend every day as if he were the last, I try to catch every breath of the wind, and inhale it fully. I crave adventure, as I crave love, and I am open to everything new. Today I can wander in the woods in search of the largest mushroom clearing, and tomorrow I with great pleasure spend the whole day lying on the couch with my favorite book. All that I do depends on my mood, and on what kind of person is next to me. Adventures? Yes, this is for me. My dream at the moment is to jump from a parachute, since I already tried bungee jumping. There are millions of interesting activities in the world that appeal to me, and in my head there is a huge list of things to do before the end of my life.

I really decided to change myself and my environment and therefore I am ready for anything in order to finally find female happiness. I am looking for a man who would share with me all my desires and hobbies, who would understand and support me. I want to become a guiding star for him, I dream of wrapping him with care and tenderness, preparing the most delicious dishes for him, and waking him with aromatic coffee every morning. I am sure that as soon as I see him and his eyes, I will immediately understand that this is exactly my lost half of my soul.
I am very glad to write this appeal now, because there is a small chance that it will be read by the very man whom fate had prepared for me!

Sincerely, Olesya

The best way to make a person fall in love with you
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Hello to all readers! All is good? I came home recently and the first thing I started to do is…preparing of supper? No. Taking of shower? No!) I started writing a blog because I feel I need to say something. As I mentioned before I visited a book store today. I finished reading a book a few days ago and decided to buy a new one. I did not know what I want to read so I decided to make a choice when I will be at the shop. I saw many different books and one of them caught my attention. Why? Because it was a book about men and women. I asked if I may read it a little. One of the chapters made me really surprised. It has the title “How to make a man fall in love with you. Best ways which will fit every woman”. I will not describe all the things I read about because many of them were ridiculous. But I will give you an example – don’t let a man know that you love him until he will be in love with you. That’s crazy! Don’t you think so?)) Anyway, that book made me think of many things. I did not buy it but my mind was full of thoughts. I completely disagree with the author of that book. Why somebody thinks that you should do something to make a person fall in love with you??? What is a point to pretend to be a Super-Wonder-Woman if you are a different person? The truth will be revealed sooner or later and…you will lose. I know that lots of people can not give an answer to the question “What should I do to awake deep and serious feelings in my partner?” And they can not find the answer for many years! In my opinion, the answer is simple. JUST BE YOURSELF. Act as you act usually. Don’t be afraid to look strange or something. If a person fit you then it will accept you. If it does not fit you then it will think that you are strange. So what???))) You will always know that you stay true to yourself. This is the best way. Yes, I know that my blog does not look like a book and I know that it will not become popular but I know that I wrote everything from my heart. Did you feel it?