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Greetings to Miss December!
Eleonora , 41 years old
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It`s so hard to do the first step! But I`m not afraid so I just do it!
Many people ask me: "What is a woman like me doing on a dating site?" I often smile, when I get similar questions. It is certainly nice to realize that a man considers me beautiful, attractive and that he wonders why I'm not married yet. What can I say about it. I am a simple Ukrainian woman, who has seen a lot in my life and, as a result, realized that there is nothing closer, dearer and stronger than a family. First, this is the family that raised you, and then the one that you created yourself. I want to create something special, to leave a mark on this world. I choose this site and I hope I was not mistaken! I believe that my man is now sitting on the other side of the screen and reading this. I know that I will find him here! I give myself a chance for happiness! Everyone deserves it.
When I`m thinking about my future I see the winter day like today, I`m sitting with my lovely husband by the fireplace, we have a drink of mulled wine, listen to how the burning firewood is crunching and talk about everything. My parents often sat by the fireplace and just talked to each other. They thought that I was already sleeping, and I quietly on my toes approached the door and looked at them. I liked to look at them and listen to their conversations. They could talk for hours. It always struck me. These are so simple desires but so important for me!
I do not want noisy parties, vivid dramatic moments, I just want a quiet family happiness. For my beloved man to hurry home after a hard day, just to hug me and see my smile. For him, I will become the guardian of home comfort, and he is for me a fortress in which I will be protected from pain and adversity. I will be proud of my man and believe in him even more than he believes in himself!
It’s so hard to really open your soul for people! But I'm doing it now and I won’t regret anything! I will just believe in the fulfillment of my desires, as in childhood! After all, to remain a child in the soul and believe in miracles is the wisest thought in the world! Life is too short, so if you want something, just do it!

5 reasons to date younger woman
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Have you ever thought why men prefer girls younger than themselves? At least 3 years, but younger? Recently, I decided to think why this tendency has been always existing and continues gaining momentum in the modern world. And I found, that there are many advantages and benefits. Therefore, I want to share my thoughts, and tell you 5 reasons to date younger woman: 1. You will become more active. If you are tired of the monotony and the lack of activity in your life, the young girlfriend will not make you feel bored. Walking in the parks, cinema, exhibitions, travelling - all this things will definitely appear in your life. And the next time, instead of watching TV, while laying on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon, your girlfriend will likely ask you for help with the shopping. And this is a great opportunity to change your habits and start to exercise more. Even simply regular walks will have a positive effect on your health. This is what you’ve been missing, isn’t it? 2. Keep up with the new. You will always be aware of all the new trends, dating with younger woman. This is a great chance to expand your horizons and learn something new. Thereby, you will become an indispensable interlocutor and insider even in surrounding of young audience. 3. The second youth. What can be more beautiful than feeling young? New relationships with a young girl will be a breath of fresh air. Walking through the city, you will catch the envious glances of other men, which cannot but cause feelings of pride and confidence. Probably, your girlfriend will inspire you for more and you will start devoting more time to your appearance and health in order to fit in with your soul mate. You may not even notice, how you will start looking better and feel yourself younger. And youth will never leave your soul. 4. Chance for a new life. Sometimes life just doesn't work out the way you expect. Some events can badly affect our faith and hope. But the bitter experience of the past doesn’t mean that bad things will be always happening in the future. Perhaps a meeting with a young girl can become a medicine that would heal your deep emotional wounds and show the other side of life. You can become a mentor and save her from the same mistakes that you did in your life. And she, such an inexperienced, sometimes naive, but affectionate and heartwarming, will be thankful you for your care and wisdom. 5. You will be her best. Most of young girls had a negative experience in relations with a boys of their age. And there is no surprise, because many time ago scientists had found out that girls develop faster than boys. And if a girl at the age of 20 knows exactly what she wants from life, the boys can figure it out only by 30. Therefore, do not hesitate to start dating a girl younger than you. After all, you will definitely be able to give all that she needs, and what she could never get from the man of her age, namely: love, care, reliability, support, patience and even new experiences in the bed. With no doubt, you will become the best man in the life of your young fiancee and she will appreciate you like no other.