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Greetings to Miss December!
Eleonora , 41 years old
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It`s so hard to do the first step! But I`m not afraid so I just do it!
Many people ask me: "What is a woman like me doing on a dating site?" I often smile, when I get similar questions. It is certainly nice to realize that a man considers me beautiful, attractive and that he wonders why I'm not married yet. What can I say about it. I am a simple Ukrainian woman, who has seen a lot in my life and, as a result, realized that there is nothing closer, dearer and stronger than a family. First, this is the family that raised you, and then the one that you created yourself. I want to create something special, to leave a mark on this world. I choose this site and I hope I was not mistaken! I believe that my man is now sitting on the other side of the screen and reading this. I know that I will find him here! I give myself a chance for happiness! Everyone deserves it.
When I`m thinking about my future I see the winter day like today, I`m sitting with my lovely husband by the fireplace, we have a drink of mulled wine, listen to how the burning firewood is crunching and talk about everything. My parents often sat by the fireplace and just talked to each other. They thought that I was already sleeping, and I quietly on my toes approached the door and looked at them. I liked to look at them and listen to their conversations. They could talk for hours. It always struck me. These are so simple desires but so important for me!
I do not want noisy parties, vivid dramatic moments, I just want a quiet family happiness. For my beloved man to hurry home after a hard day, just to hug me and see my smile. For him, I will become the guardian of home comfort, and he is for me a fortress in which I will be protected from pain and adversity. I will be proud of my man and believe in him even more than he believes in himself!
It’s so hard to really open your soul for people! But I'm doing it now and I won’t regret anything! I will just believe in the fulfillment of my desires, as in childhood! After all, to remain a child in the soul and believe in miracles is the wisest thought in the world! Life is too short, so if you want something, just do it!

Art of relationship!!!
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The art of understanding and accepting each other. It is an art to forgive the mistakes of another. Do not follow in the conflicts your emotional outbursts, thoughts, but take a step upwards to greater Love, to a higher state. To make this step truly - with all your being and with your heart. It is an art to sincerely yield to the victory of a partner in order to win both. The art of raising each other to a new height, the art of combining their efforts and growing the best in each other. This is the art of inspiration. This is the art of maintaining and maintaining the fire of your relationship. This is the ability to protect your relationship with a partner. Subtle and elegant for him and predatory and strong for the fact that it can destroy them. This is a dance. Dance of two beautiful creatures. This desire, ability and strength to discover the beautiful in yourself. And also this is the ability to dance this dance with each other. So that he brings joy, pleasure and satisfaction. So that he exalts both. And so that it was a really beautiful dance. This is trust. Trust your female nature. This is following her. To be able to learn from life, from itself. Be able to hear yourself. To be able to create and burn. This is a confidence in male nature. Acceptance of it in yourself and respect in a man. This is trust in his height and his wisdom. This ability to admire a man is not figuratively and is shown, but deep inside. This desire and the ability to see in him the Highest and reveal it to him. This is the ability to give, to give. For a woman is the ability to give a man wings, luck and love. The ability to open spaces for him and sanctify his power. The ability to protect and strengthen it, to inspire. For a man, this is the ability to be a knight and a King for his woman, to admire her, to protect her, to show tenderness and attention to her. And, probably, much more for each other ... This is the ability to endure and wait. This is the ability to bring in the relationship of newness, brightness, joy. This is the ability to amaze each other. Discover each other for yourself, even if you have been together for many years. This is each other's support. This is the right to be yourself. This is the understanding that everything I write here about the relationship between a man and a woman does not come immediately, but grows with every day, month, year. With every spark of yours embedded in this relationship. And what is real art for you in a relationship?