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Olga , 33 years old
Profile: 38609 Olga
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Hello everybody! Did you expect to see a model or a Superwoman? Sorry if I will disappoint you. I am just a pharmacist who looking for love. Thank you to those who took such nice photos of me. Like many people, I joined this site because I have serious intentions. I understood that having a nice job will not make me a completely happy person. I want to feel the fire of love burning deep inside of me. And as a pharmacist, I have a love pill I want to give to a special man. Man who will take it will become the happiest man on Earth. I will make his heart to beat fast because of me, I will do my best to make a home cozy and he will know that he may trust me and I will stay with him no matter what. But I want to admit that I am not an ordinary pharmacist. I adore speed and heights! Snowboarding and hiking are my favorite hobbies I want to share with my man in the future. I will raise his level of testosterone so it will be as high as Everest mountain! You may be sure that I will care for you so nothing will harm your health. My parents had a relationship at a distance but then they started living together after they understood that they are right for each other. They told me many stories about it so I know what is to love a person which is far from you. And I know that it's possible to overcome such an obstacle as a distance if man and woman have a deep and strong bond between them. I will do my best to build a strong connection that will be everlasting. How? That’s my secret which I reveal to a special man only. Best of luck to all who want to become happy. Your dream will come true, believe me!

Candy shop
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Today in the modern developed world we all are spoiled with the plenty of choice with the verity of differences! Sometimes It seems to me that we live in some candy shop where you can come at any time and chose what you like paying by cash or buy credit card. Candy shop of women with different beauty that doesn’t mean need to be natural more often it’s fake sexy or artificial attractiveness. Nowadays you can buy dig sweet boobs any size and any shape you want. You can make your lips bigger that your face hoping that all the men int the world will be dreaming to put their money into your big silicon mouth! Woman can do their hair long, short, blond or dark only matter is what is a trend for today and what men like the most. They even can make her vagina smaller or bigger making different injection hoping that you will make love with her more often getting superb pleasure because of her new vagina. Can you imagine the even can become virgin again! Yep some strange pleasure to have 40 years old virgin with 5 marriage before you! But I need to tell that all these crazy things they do only because the men! Yes, man it’s all because of you! You are spoiled with the choice of different women! Today it seems to be difficult for normal woman with natural beauty to find a man. And to be honest it is a great problem. So, my dear Man! You need to understand one thing! You are not in the candy shop and you are not a Sultan! Stop pushing woman do such ugly things! All we need is love! So please give your love to the woman and be loved! Wish you to find this Love of whole your life!