Show it, prove it?
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I like to listen to music very much and I cannot imagine my life without it. There are so many songs about love and it makes my heart beat faster. I am sure that love inspires people to do lots of things: Writing of music, making of movies or writing of poetry for example. But I don’t agree with the author sometimes. Some things confuse me. It happened to me yesterday. I listened to the song “Show me your love”. Guy asked his girl to show her love and to prove her feelings to him. Lyrics of this song made me think of some things. Is it really necessary to ask a partner to prove feelings? Let's imagine that you were asked to do it. The question is – will you do it? I am sure that story from this song is not fictional. Such a thing happens in real life. I never understood why people do it and I will try to explain why I think so. If you asking a partner this question then you are not sure of something. It will be much easier to have an open and honest talk. You may ask a simple question – “Do you love me?” Partners should not prove something to each other. Things should be natural. Another wrong thing to say will be – “If you love me then you will do it”. It's just a cheap manipulation. If you were asked this question then you may end a relationship without hesitation. A person who loves you will never manipulate you. I know that some people have problems with showing their feelings because of different reasons. Because of shyness for example. But even in this case, you may notice some signs and you will understand that you are loved by your partner. You will notice it if you will be attentive enough. I really hope that today’s blog was interesting to you to read. I believe that it's necessary to learn about how to build a happy family. It does not depend on age. Each of us has much to learn because life is a school and a new day is our new teacher.