Loneliness is a disease of our century ... belief only in yourself
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But sooner or later we are left alone with ourselves again, in captivity of endless thoughts that pierce the brain like insatiable vampires, we try to analyze the latter, let's say, the brightest situations in life and come to the conclusion that nothing lends itself even to the most elementary logic .. Like animals in a cage, the worst thing in this cage is we drive ourselves, we go there of our own free will, and when it slams shut we start to fight in a fit, but it's too late ... You need to seize the moment and differentiate what you really need, and what no. We ourselves forge shackles from promises, but from the very beginning we know perfectly well that we will never fulfill them.

You need to learn to say "I want!", And not that terrible word "must!" Live for yourself, do and do as you like! And when they ask you "do you live your life", I could firmly and confidently say "Yes! I live for myself." And no matter how selfish it sounds, be where you feel good, where you are loved and always expected! )