Doesn't romance mean anything anymore?
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I'm not talking about boring platitudes: a bed strewn with rose petals, or looking into each other's eyes. I mean, a simple hug doesn't mean anything. Sex is important to everyone, that's all. Do not need anything else. How good it used to be. I'm talking about the fact that before the guys accompanied the girls home, wooed them, gave flowers, gifts, waited for each meeting, holding their breath. Now what? Now the opposite is true: the girls are not expecting gifts, no one sees them off, the guys have stopped complimenting and paying attention to their soulmate. Listen, the stunned male population of the planet, can you also give flowers when you meet and accompany you home? In our time, guys expect us girls to pursue them. They say they are tired of reaching out for us! Oh, they are tired! I believe them so, in quotes.
Men began to get annoyed that many women had a higher salary and status than theirs. Maybe because of this they are tired of fighting for us? So this is not our problem.
Maybe they think we have switched roles? How was it before? The woman cleans the house, sits with the children, cooks, and the man earns a living. And then everything changed. And now, the woman is playing the role of the man, but the man does not want to play the role of the woman. Yes, we live in a strange way.
In general, it would be necessary to change men. I'm not talking about them becoming henpecked. I mean remaking them for the better, so that they again begin to show interest in the struggle for a woman's heart. And I must say that men need to be attentive and arrange romantic dinners for their ladies.