Love is a chemical reaction in the body.
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Why did we call attachment to a person love? Just another beautiful word in our vocabulary? And does this love really exist? Suppose a guy and a girl have been dating for a long time, say, three years, they say to each other: "I love you." Yes, it sounds nice, I don't argue. But if you try to decipher this phrase, you will probably get: “We have been together for a long time. And I became attached to you. When I see you, I feel the hormones and passion seething in my body. " Something like this. It may seem strange to you, but it looks like the truth. And in general, when a person realizes that he loves someone? When he already cannot live a day without his second half? In this case, the person simply became attached. For a person, his beloved becomes just a habit. After all, you must agree that if you have been dating someone for quite a long time, you always want to share some news with “the love of your life”. We're getting crazy. We get used to a person, become his complement, and sometimes we lose our mind and opinion on any issue. I remembered the phrase: "She was a smart woman until she fell in love!"