Merry and vivid memories to you!
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I remember how my best friend Irochka and I went for a walk in winter. There was a thaw. And we were 7-8 years old.
We took a sled and went to have fun in the kindergarten, there was a porch with a broken floor. The floor was completely absent, and the depression was 50 centimeters. Below was ice, and above was water, a whole lake.
We started playing sailors. The captain stood with his feet on the sled, and the assistant pulled him ashore.
First Ira rode, and I pulled the sled. Then everything changed. And so I stand on the sleigh like a brave captain at the bow of his frigate, proud to shit. Ira is slowly dragging the sled to the shore. And then I wanted to speed up.
"Faster!" I screamed.
Ira instantly executed the command - and pulled the rope !!!
And the sled ship slipped from under my feet.
I remember this moment very well - how slowly, for ages, I fell.
The waters of the puddle closed over me.
A few seconds later, of course, it surfaced. I was dressed in winter clothes, everything got wet. Having emerged, I began to yell at the whole yard, sitting in this puddle up to my waist.
The drama was aggravated by the fact that Ira, my best friend, laughed to tears on the shore !!!
My mom and grandma came very quickly and took me home to dry.
All the time I shouted loudly that I hate Ira now and will never be friends with her again. Ira laughed hysterically.
The next day we naturally made up. She colorfully described to me HOW it looks from the outside, and then we laughed for a long time. Until now, this puddle is in the top of anecdotes from childhood. Do you have any funny childhood stories?