Do not be afraid of change in your life
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"Everything that is done is for the best." A seemingly banal phrase, but how many times have I already been convinced from my own experience that this is most often the case. Of course, we do not take into account personal troubles and deaths of loved ones. It certainly couldn't be better from them.
Men with whom we once had to part, friends and acquaintances with whom we parted firmly and forever in outlook on life. A job that had to be abandoned due to disagreements with management. Everything that once seemed a minus turned out to be a fat plus in my life.
After parting with another man, I started looking for another who would not disappoint and meet all my hopes. Friends and acquaintances whom I had to erase from my life, because I stopped understanding them, then there were people with whom you shouldn't deal at all. After leaving the unloved job, I found a new one that gives me pleasure.
Why am I doing this ?? And to the fact that you should not be afraid of change. They are almost always for the best. And was it meant to be afraid of something that cannot be avoided?