Why am I better than other girls and why should you choose me??
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When I get the question: "Why should I choose you? What makes you better than others?", After that it is difficult for me to continue communicating with the person ...
Because love is not about ideal people, not about a wife who is better than others, and not about a husband with the medal "Officially the best husband! Approved by the Association of World Wives!"
Love is about feelings! When you love a person, you do not think about what this person is better at than others, whether this woman knows how to cook tastier than your mother and cleans up better than the cleaning company. Is she the hottest in bed or not enough? Her hair is perfect: What about her teeth? Check please! This is a bride market ??? Are you planning to find a wife here like a horse? haha)
I want to say that when you are in love with a person, then you love his shortcomings as much as his dignity. Do you agree with me?
Does someone need a relationship without love? But if you feel love, then you are not looking for a reason why this person is better than others, you just love and want to be together. Every second and every minute!
I am looking for such a man, next to whom my heart will beat faster, to whom I want to give all the love from my heart. Even if it's not perfect, it's just mine! Just beloved !!!
I'm not perfect, but I can love and give love. And I want it!
But I do not want to arrange a competition and prove that I am better or worse.
You just love me, or not!
Do you agree?