What does happiness mean to you?
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Each person thought about the meaning of happiness. On various holidays we wish it to each other, we say that the most important thing in life is to be happy, but what is hidden under this term? Each person puts his own individual meaning into this concept. Someone means love by it, others consider wealth, status and the presence of power to be happiness, for others it is excellent health and a long life. I believe that we perceive various moments in life as happiness, but there are people for whom this feeling includes all the good that can happen to a person.
I often hear statements that a person with wealth, power and rewards is considered happy, but I think this opinion is erroneous. Quite often, people with a lot of money feel deprived, since the people around are mostly close by solely because of their wealth. Usually they need love, and love is real happiness for them.

My concept of happiness, I mean the health of loved ones and relatives. This is the most important thing that I really value. I need my family and loved ones most of all, I also want to meet my man, with whom I will be ready to spend my whole life. Perhaps tomorrow I will be happy because of other moments, but today it is my family that makes me happy.
Despite the current situation in the world, I want more people on earth to be happy.