Feminine tenderness ... don't you want her?
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In fact, where Tenderness is more expensive - that which a Woman does not give to everyone; and not even all those with whom he sleeps ..
You cannot buy tenderness, you cannot steal, you cannot take it either by deception or by force;
And not to be confused with anything ..
Tenderness is a small lump in the solar plexus that sometimes prevents you from breathing ..
Tenderness is a photo you look at with a quiet smile ..
Tenderness is the feeling of you at your fingertips, even if you are far away ..
Tenderness is when I take your face in my hands, kissing you, or just hugging you, hugging you more and more tightly, and trying to feel you all at once with my missing hands ...
Tenderness is a wistful smile in my eyes when I think of you ..
Tenderness is the realization that there is that place where they are always waiting for you with love and warmth, a little with sadness, because everyone is sad when loved ones are not around.
Take care of the woman who gives you tenderness! She is unique