An extraordinary love for woman from Omsk

on 20 Apr 2017

Recently we have told you a story from our practice of Russian brides: it was about an American who gave an apartment in the city center as a present to a girl living in a communal flat. Here is another authentic story of how we must not despair but go to our goal. Even if the first experience was not a success.

It was a normal working day in my agency when the phone rang for Russian women dating: a girl was calling on my ad. Having all the necessary information about our work and how we help a woman to marry a man from another country, she decided at once, with no hesitation, to come to our office and fill out a questionnaire. Then, to start dating immediately.

Her name was Elena. When we first saw her in my office, I realized, at a glance, that she's not going to stay as a bride for long here and will meet her man very quickly. Why did I think that? If you've only seen her … Tall, slender brunette with wavy hair, her blue eyes were shining with desire to find her love quickly. Makeup emphasized her modesty and at the same time, the mystery alluring men so much. Her clothes completed the image of femininity: I've always respected women in skirts and high heels. And, you know, we didn't missestimate her: afterwards, she proved my expectations.

Elena was divorced Russian brides, and she had a daughter from her first marriage. The girl was five years old, and each time when Elena arrived in my agency's office she brought her daughter with her. The little girl was playing, running around under the tables. We used to give her a pencil and a piece of paper, so that she did not draw her mother away from chatting with men or writing letters.


For some reason, Elena decided to get acquainted with an Englishman. She intended to leave just for the UK. When we were asking her why this particular country attracted her, she would always reply she believed that England would be perfect for her, and British men are very good. Though... There are good men everywhere, as well as bad ones. :-) We did not try to talk her out of it and convince her that life in other countries, too, has its own bonuses and minuses. That was just her decision.

Men from America wrote her, even suggested meeting on neutral territory, but her heart was not in it. Or it seemed to her that the men from the United States would not reach Siberia, or she'd have to wait long for the bride's visa, and so on. Being a real

woman, Elena has always been behind in patience and taken her decisions quickly and irreversibly.

Three months past, but Elena still didn't like any of the applicants of mail order bride. She went on making acquaintances and writing to new men, but all of them didn't seem to be suibable for the home life. She never lost heart: we updated her profile when she brought new studio photos, and continued to look for the man of her dreams. Seeing as optimism was fading in her eyes, we was getting uneasy about it. How could w was so wrong thinking that Elena won't stay with our agency for long? We gave her some additional bonuses, supervised all of her acquaintances myself …

A year passed. So then, on a spring day, she caught interest of a man from the Great Britain. In appearance, he didn't correspond her, tall, beautiful and feminine. Helen seemed awake and active again. But we realised that she clung to him, only because he lived in England. To say more, for the us, this man was unsympathetic. We mean, not the external beauty, but the inner one – perhaps, that was our strong inborn instinct that came into action. By the time we had been an experienced and knowledgeable owner of a marriage agency, and we could see if a person would match or not to another and if they would be happy together.


And in this situation, everything was visible even to the naked eye: the man was a little inadequate, to put it bluntly, was obsessed with sex. He began to send Elena a provocative pictures for mail order bride, to tell more – half-naked. But, for some reason, it did not deter her, and she took it all for granted.

We really wanted to marry our Russian brides – you might say, we considered it as our personal duty. But in any case, we did not allow to start a similar dating in my agency: for us a decent reputation has always been on the first place. So we told Elena to forbid this man to send explicit photos. We was surprised that even after that she continued to communicate with him, and, moreover, had agreed on a date. Two months later, they met and decided on the wedding! On the one hand, we was really happy for her, but, on the other hand, their decision didn't set my mind in rest. On the contrary, we was worried about her future. However... As the saying goes, everyone is a master of his life, and is free to do with it whatever he'd like. So, we did not try to dissuade her, and Elena decided to marry him. She sold her apartment in Omsk, prepared all the documents for the wedding in England, and left for good.


Some time passed... Being a marriage agency's hostess, and, at the same time, a personal coach and trainer for women, We've always kept in touch with all the Russian women dating who we had married off. During a phone call, Elena told us

about her married life with that man. Alas, we was right about my antipathy to him. To be honest, she was unhappy, but her daughter set affections upon him and called him Daddy … That's why Elena kept staying together with him.

Three years later, we happened to see a picture of her with another man. She was happy: that was evident from a twinkle in her eyes, as before, when she first came to our agency. We asked her if anything in her life had changed. She was very happy to get my message and to know that I was worried and did not forget about her. And she immediately told us that she met the man of her dreams. She divorced her first Englishman and married another, and now is very happy. That's it - a woman's happiness when she finally meets a man who has been dreaming of!

It's not without reason that I've recalled this story. Among my clients, there are many of those who quit hoping and believing to the best just when luck is around the corner. And a missmarriage is not necessarily the final verdict. Had not Elena left the UK when she married the wrong man, she would never have met her true mate. So, never give up: neither the most beautiful and intelligent, nor the richest win but the most stubborn and persistent do. Those who go in any circumstances to their target.

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