Why Russian and Ukrainian women?
I’ve never had any troubles with attracting women. Why should I search for a soul-mate through the internet?
Find-bride.com is an international dating website which provides most modern services on on-line dating market ever! Using our services is the most comfortable and the easiest way to meet your happiness – perhaps, it is waiting for you millions kilometers from here.
No more stupid wasting money! Join us and start your search from thousands intelligent, beautiful, sensual and sexy women from Russia and Ukraine now!
Why Russian and Ukrainian ladies?
Are you tired of loneliness? Are you dreaming of real love, true affection and never-ending happiness? Do you want to start a new life which will recreate the world all around and make you believe in sincere and honest love?
Ladies from Russia and Ukraine are grown up in deep family values. They are not selfish and really family-oriented.
You’re tired of emancipated girls thinking only about career and making money? You wanna start a family and be happy? – then join us now and meet your dream-lady here!
100% satisfaction guarantee! Only real ladies from Russia and Ukraine are waiting for you!
Seems too good to be true?
All these ladies are hot and beautiful. Are they real?
Find-bride.com can give you 100% guarantee that all our ladies are real and have ONLY serious intentions with their search!

We provide the strongest anti-scam protection. All made for your satisfaction!

Become a member now and watch online girls’ videos, communicate with them in live video chats and find your soul-mate here!
What do all these ladies want from me?
Everybody needs to love and to be loved.
Every lady is worth of happiness.
Gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian girls have joint our program to meet the only one right man from abroad with the only one wish: to start a family and be happy!
Only real communication for finding each other and starting a way to happiness!
How to get free credits?
Without buying credit packs you will receive free credits 3 days in a row. After you make a purchase of credit pack you will continue to receive free credits.
About us
What is Find-bride.com?
Find-bride.com is the first international dating program which provides most modern technologies in dating area!
Stop wasting thousands dollars! Save your money and meet only real women with our help!
Lowest prices, two-way video chat technology, mailing and delivery services – all made for your satisfaction!
Join us now and come to the world of sincere feelings, bright emotions and new impressive meetings!
Is this all for real?
Absolutely –YES!
We are happy to introduce you Find-bride.com online dating service - all made for your satisfaction!
Over 3000 real ladies – intelligent, sexy, well-educated, family-oriented are waiting for you here!
100% satisfaction guarantee! Only real ladies! The strongest anti-scam protection provided by us is a verification that your money will never be thrown away on silly illusions.
Customers’ satisfaction is our main priority!
Have any of our members already reached success in their search?
Absolutely so! Many happy matches are the best proofs of it! You can see some of them on the main page of our site! These people have found each other with the help of Find-bride.com and we’re proud of it!
Envy those guys?) Then join us now and start your OWN way to happiness!
Find-bride.com: our reality
Why international dating services differ from domestic ones?
Monitoring of several different dating programs has given us information that many websites charge not only for writing messages and using live chats but also for translation.
We provide this service for absolutely FREE!
No more spending money on translation! Pay only for writing letters and chatting with charming ladies – all other is NOT your trouble anymore!
100% satisfaction guarantee! Lowest prices for modern and unique services, only real ladies from Russia and Ukraine, shortest terms of gifts delivery – all these and many other benefits are waiting for you in a world of dating romance at Find-bride.com!
How your prices compare to other dating websites?
In all dating area we provide the lowest prices for writing letters, using chat and video streaming service, gifts delivery and paying for membership!
No more need to spend thousands!
Comparing to other online dating services we offer our clients reading letters from their ladies totally for free even you are in bronze membership!!!
Save your money while communicating with our ladies!
No pitfalls! Our loyal financial policy and friendly online dating experts – anything for you to help with love search and make is pleasant, comfortable and easy!
There are hundreds of dating services. Why to choose yours?
Find-bride.com is a unique dating program still having no analogs in international dating market which provides mailing order, two-way video streaming sessions, live chats, shortest terms gifts delivery and (the most important!) strongest anti-scam protection!
All our services are made for a customers’ satisfaction. Access to thousands single Russian and Ukrainian ladies’ profiles, free first letters, intelligent chat machine, intellectual search, live girls’ videos, free translation – all to make your search more comfortable, faster and pleasant!
I’ve heard a lot about Black-listed dating websites and this information makes me concerned.
Blacklisted sites represent complicated aspect of the internet-based dating industry.
It’s already well-known that some dating websites create their own Blacklists of competitors with the only aim – to win a concurrence competition.
Also, some people do not research overseas marriage before deciding it is something they would like to do. This includes reading ALL of a site's terms and conditions, plus educating oneself about the legal issues involved with marrying someone from overseas. Some of the complaints on these sites have to do with things that are clearly spelled out in our user agreement and/or IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Act of 2005).
From ourselves we can guarantee observance of all customers’ issues, helping with solution of any trouble and 100% money-back if your rights were violated.
Are your women paid for using this site?
We totally prohibit any payments to women at Find-bride.com.
Ladies come to local agencies having their own free will to start a participation in Find-bride.com online dating program.
They also use all services of this dating website for free including translation letters, help with live chats, access to web-cameras for live video streaming etc if such help is required by them.
How do you provide anti-scam protection on Find-bride.com?
To protect clients’ interests every lady willing to start her search with the help of Find-bride.com international dating program is carefully checked by local agency administration for such aspects of her private life as:
- is she in relations with any other man at the moment;
- has she ever participated in any other dating program and with what intentions;
- has she reached success in it;
- has she ever been married (documentary verification required);
- has she ever had children (living or not with her);
- is she listed in all known scam-lists;
- has she ever had any judgments.
Plus to make her participation on Find-bride.com possible every woman has to confer her internal passport for making copies forever held in local agency office.
Lady signs papers confirming her will, intentions and agreement with terms and conditions of use find-bride.com.
Some of letters do not seem sincere and personal. Why is that?
When a lady meets a man she likes to make a first step she needs to send an introductory letter which contains some information about herself, her habits, life style, priorities etc.
The rules of Find-bride.com allow our members girls to compose the only one letter to make their search easier and save them from writing all the same several times.
But these rules are ONLY allowed to FIRST letter.
Starting membership
How to become a member?
Find-bride.com is a perfect place for you to find your love match!
Choose one of four membership types which fits you the best!
We offer our clients such types of membership:
Bronze Membership: FREE
Silver Membership: $9.99/month
Gold Membership: $29.99/month
Platinum Membership: $39.99/month
Diamond Membership: $500.00/month
What is the price for each membership type and what benefits do I get using it?
25 Credits - $20
40 Credits - $30
100 Credits - $70
200 Credits - $120
300 Credits - $170
500 Credits - $250
1000 Credits - $470 (US dollars)

Incoming Emails:
Bronze Members – FREE!
Silver Members - FREE!
Gold Members - FREE!
Platinum Members - FREE!
Diamond Members - FREE!

Outgoing Emails - Introductions:
Bronze Members - 8 credits (per email)
Silver Members - Send Intro Emails FREE! (10 per month)
Gold Members - Send Intro Emails FREE! (20 per month)
Platinum Members - Send Intro Emails FREE! (30 per month)
Diamond Members - 6 credits (per email)

Outgoing Emails - Follow-ups:
Bronze Members - 8 credits (per email)
Silver Members - 6 credits (per email)
Gold Members - Send Follow-up Emails FREE! (15 per month)
Platinum Members - Send Follow-up Emails FREE! (20 per month)
Diamond Members - Send Follow-up Emails FREE! (100 per month)

Note: When you have exceeded your free "follow-up" email limit as a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member for a given month, you will need 8 credits (per email) to send any additional follow-up email.

Instant Messaging (live chat):
Bronze Members - 1 credit every minute (as low as 50 cents per minute!)
Silver Members – 0.6 credit every minute (as low as 30 cents per minute!)
Gold Members - 0.6 credit every minute (as low as 30 cents per minute!)
Platinum Members - 0.6 credit every minute (as low as 30 cents per minute!)
Diamond Members - 0.6 credit every minute (as low as 30 cents per minute!)

Live Video Chat:
Bronze Members - 1 credit per minute (as low as 50 cents per minute!)
Silver Members – 0.6 credit per minute (as low as 30 cents per minute!)
Gold Members – 0.6 credit per minute (as low as 30 cents per minute!)
Platinum Members – 0.6 credit per minute (as low as 30 cents per minute!)
Diamond Members – 0.6 credit per minute (as low as 30 cents per minute!)

Note: Instant Messaging and Live Video Chat are two separate charges. If you are using the Instant Messaging service with a lady and viewing her live video stream at the same time, you will incur both Instant Messaging charges, as well as Live Video Chat charges.

Intro Videos:
Bronze Members - 4 credits (as low as $2!)
Silver Members - 2 credits (as low as $1!)
Gold Members - 2 credits (as low as $1!)
Platinum Members - 2 credits (as low as $1!)
Diamond Members - 2 credits (as low as $1!)

Varies (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Members receive 25% off!)
I’ve become a member. What should I do next?
Start a search of your love match with the help of Find-bride.com intellectual search machine!
Enter your own criteria and enjoy viewing our ladies’ gallery! Charming blonds, hot brunets - hot, passionate, mysterious and outstanding ladies are waiting for you here!
Don’t miss your chance for happiness!
Can I cancel my membership at any time and how?
Of course! If you wish to cancel your membership, just click on "Cancel my rebilling" link on your membership page or write to admin to cancel your membership through "Help" page, located in the navigation bar at the top of your homepage.
How can I delete my account on Find-Bride.com?
Just send Delete request through Help form and we will do it for you.
What are the requirements for each profile?
To make the search of your soul-mate the most efficient we offer you to keep following recommendations.
Please fill in each required field. Incomplete profiles will not be approved or made viewable to the ladies.
While we validate each lady's profile to ensure that the information provided within is accurate, we do not require the same of our male clients. Regardless, we do ask that you only post factual content within your profile.
Profiles that contain content that promotes obscene, offensive, illegal, or otherwise objectionable material will be deleted.
Do I need to use my personal email address for creating profile at Find-bride.com?
Yes. Personal email address is required when you create your profile. It is necessary for verification process. Your private email will never be given to any third company by find-bride.com.
Is it safe for me to post my profile at Find-bride.com?
Absolutely YES!
Your profile will only be available for view in Ladies’ search results. Not any other person (registered or not at Find-bride.com) or company will have an access to your private information or photos.
Will my personal information be ever shared with 3rd parties?
We may share your personal data you provide to us with specially selected service providers service providers who assist us in delivering the products and services we offer for the sole purpose of providing the services or when we consider their services or products to be of interest to you.
These service providers must adhere to strict confidentiality obligations in a way that is consistent with this Privacy Policy and the agreements we enter into with them. We may cooperate with external service providers to:

  • oversee a customer personal data database;

  • help us in sending out emails, sms (message and data rates may apply) and presents;

  • help us with direct marketing;

  • assist us with storage and data analysis;

  • prevent from fraudulent activities;

  • help us in maintaining, developing and improving our systems/websites/applications/services;

  • collect payments;

We may transfer or share a copy of your personal data in cases where Find-Bride.com or one of its properties, affiliates, or subsidiaries is part of a business transition, such as a merger, being acquired by another company, or selling part of its assets.
Are terms and conditions of your service available for view and where can I find them?
Please, goto "Terms of Use" page located on the bottom of the main page.
About Russian and Ukrainian women
Why are Russian and Ukrainian women mostly interested in foreign men?
There’s no the only one definite answer to this question. Every lady has her own reasons to start a search for a man from abroad.
But mostly all of them can say that the mentality of men at their Motherland is not letting them to treat women the way they require.
Every lady wants to be surrounded with sincere love, care and attention. And also it’s well known that the greatest happiness is not only to take but to give. That is why beautiful women have required for our help with finding their soul-mate from abroad.
Are there any differences in my and Russian culture which can destroy the happiness of family life?
Of course, there’re some differences in Russian or Ukrainian cultures and Western one. But there are not any principal ones because now we live in a civilized world with highly-developed technologies and market economy.
If two people from different parts of the world have decided to connect their hearts – nothing will hold then on a way to happiness!
I’ve heard a lot about Russian and Ukrainian ladies often prefer to date older men. Why is that?
The most important and maybe the only one reason why our ladies prefer to date older men is that they all are family-oriented and only search for serious stable relations.
Some of them could have some bad experience and now only want to be happy with someone who will value her personality not only gorgeous appearance.
Which recommendations could you give me in starting correspondence with Russian women?
To say the truth, there’re not any definite way of starting correspondence with a lady which can give you 100% guarantee of happy future together.
The only and the most important thing we can advice you is to be yourself and never be shy of it!
Every lady values sincere feelings, sense of humor, inner power and kindness.
Be yourself, find your love-match and BE HAPPY!
Some more information about communication with ladies
If I have already found my love match and decided to start communication out of Find-Bride.com how can I do it?
We require to spend 1500 credits for a lady to be able to request her personal contacts. The cost of request her contact details is 100 credits (as a bronze member) or 80 credits (as silver, gold, platinum or diamond member).
If a woman agree to give your her email address, you should use contact request option, located at your left toolbar and insert the lady's ID. If she approves it, you will get her full name and validated personal email address within 72 hours.
Can I give my contact information to any lady in chat or mail at Find-bride.com?
No, it’s not allowed by our rules. If you try to do it, any private information will be automatically deleted by our intellectual machine.
Can a lady give me her private info in chat or mail at Find-bride.com?
No, it’s also not allowed. Plus if she does so her profile will be deleted forever with no right to renew membership at Find-bride.com.
If you want to start communication with any lady at Find-bride.com you need to buy her personal details via website.
Is it allowed to attach pictures with letters and how much does it cost?
Yes, it is possible to attach an image with a letter resized up to 2 Mb and you can do it absolutely for FREE but no more then 1 image with 1 letter.
Is it possible to send pictures containing nudes at Find-bride.com?
No, it not! Every sent picture is re-viewed by operator and if it contains nudes the image is deleted.
Can I receive attached pictures from ladies?
Yes, you can.
Every member of our website is allowed to send images re-sized up to 2 Mb but only 1 with each letter and NO containing nudes.
What services do you offer?
Is Find-bride.com just a mailing order website?
No. Find-bride.com offers chat, video chat, mailing, gift delivery and traveling help services.
Can I use online chat at Find-bride.com?
Yes, you can! You can communicate with few ladies online at the same time and also see them live at video chats!
What is video chat at Find-bride.com and how to use it?
We offer you to communicate with ladies in live chat using two-way video streaming.
What is it?
Not any other online dating program can offer you such benefit. Earlier you could only see a lady but she couldn’t see you.
But now it became possible!
Turn your web-camera on and let your future love see you! Distance is not a problem anymore!
Enjoy our two-way video chat for most comfortable and effective search!
How does your gift delivery service work and what does it offer?
Every girl at Find-bride.com is allowed to send gifts or flowers to.
Now to make your soul-mate smile and feel your care and attention you only have to choose a gift from our gift shop, buy it and it will be delivered to a lady ASAP within 72 hours!
Even if the gift you desire to present your lady is not at the gift-list – contact us and we will find a solution!
Everybody needs care and attention! Make your woman feel your presence next to her!
If I decide to come for visiting a lady can you help me with it?
Of course, yes!
Just contact customer service and they will give you the direct contacts of local agency’s manager (of a place where you’re planning to go).
Our services provided by local agencies include:
-transfer from nearest airport to a hotel/apartment;
-help with booking a hotel/apartment;
-interpreting service;
-providing excursions over the city or region.
Our main priority is a customer’s satisfaction. If relations between you and a lady you were coming to visit didn’t work agency can help you with organization a meeting with some other girls from a city you are in for the moment.
Chat and correspondence
I wrote only one sentence in chat. Why did you charge me as for two minutes?
Minimum interval of chat tarification is two minutes. It doesn’t matter if you wrote only one word or entire article you will be charged as for two minutes.
My camera is turned on but the lady can not see me. How can I fix it?
To allow the lady to see your live video streaming in video chat you should press “Click to allow” right on the smaller image screen.
May I allow watching my video streaming in live chat not to all women?
Of course! You allow or prohibit watching your streaming in live chat to any lady in any time you wish! Press “Click to allow” or “Click to deny” depending of your wish.
The ringing sound of chat invitations really bothers me. How can I turn it off?
There’s nothing easier! Please, press on the bell image in top left corner to turn it off. If you want to turn it on again, please, press it once again.
I sent a letter to a lady but it doesn’t appear in outbox. What can it be?
That might happen if that lady has already written you back. If the lady has send a reply to your letter the whole chain of correspondence between you and her is coming to your inbox and then again to your outbox when you write her back and etc.
The upper right icon just under the picture, flashing green. What does this flashing chat icon mean?
It means that the lady is opened her chatroom and ready for chat. It doesn't mean, that she is in the active chat session with somebody.
I sent a message to my lady in chat and it returned “lady is offline” How could it possible, if her chat icon flashed green?
Our online status system updates every 15 minutes, so there could be a moment, when the lady left chatroom, but her online status hasn’t been updated yet.
Favorites list
How can I add a lady I like to favorites list?
To add a lady as your favorite you should open her profile and press the “empty heart” button at the bottom left corner of her photos gallery. Also you could press the “empty heart” button at the top right corner of lady preview card. As soon as you do this, the lady appears in your “Favorites” folder in a blackbook. If before or after you’ve added her as your favorite she also has added you as her favorite - then she appears in a “Matches” folder in blackbook.
How can I delete a lady from favorites list?
To remove a lady from your favorites list you should open her profile and press the “filled heart” button at the bottom left corner of her photos gallery. Also you could press the “filled heart” button at the top right corner of lady preview card. As soon as you do this, the lady disappears from your “Favorites” folder in a blackbook. If she has added you as her favorite before or after you delete her, her account will be available at “Admirers” folder in your blackbook.
Gift orders
You say that find-bride.com has a giftshop. Where can I see it?
Please, open a profile of any lady and click on “send gift” right under profile photos. The whole list of gifts available on our website will be opened.
I want to send a gift to lady. How can I do it?
To order flowers or any other gift you firstly you should make sure that you have enough credits to purchase this item. Please, open a profile of a lady you want to send a gift or flowers, then click on “send gift” in her profile and choose right one.
I’ve seen the whole list of gifts but haven’t found what I want to present in it. How can it be solved?
In such case, please, contact us via Help form and inform which exactly gift you want to send to a lady and we will add it for you specially! Do not forget to tell us the lady’s ID!
OK, I’ve sent a present. How soon will it be delivered?
It takes up to 72 hours to deliver a gift to any female client of our website. If for any reason the gift can not be delivered sooner, we will inform you by email.
I want the present to be delivered to a definite date. How can it be done?
Please, right after purchasing a gift inform us via Help form about the date of expected delivery and we’ll make the gift come exactly to that date!
Contact requests
I’ve met a wonderful woman and we want to start communication out of the site. How can I get her contact information?
To be eligible to request contact information, you must have at least acquired 1,500 credits per member to obtain contact information.

The cost of request her contact details is 100 credits (as a bronze member) or 80 credits (as silver, gold, platinum or diamond member).

If a woman agree to give your her email address, you should use contact request option, located at your left toolbar and insert the lady's ID. If she approves it, you will get her full name and validated personal email address within 72 hours.

I would like to get lady’s contacts, where can I find the option and does it mean, that we are no longer allowed to communicate through find-bride.com?
To request lady’s contacts, please, find contact request option at your left toolbar and insert her ID. Once it’s processed, you get lady’s full name and valid email address. Even so, you got her contacts, you still can use find-bride.com’s services.
Meeting ladies
I’ve met a woman and I want to come to date her. What should I do then?
Congratulations! You’ve found your match!
Decided to meet in person?
First, to be eligible to request for in-person meeting, we require to spend 1500 credits for a lady and know if she is available for meeting for the time you’re planning to come.
The second step is receiving contacts of a local agency manager. Tell the dates of your trip and name woman/women you would like to meet.
Also agency can provide you a help with transfer from nearest airport to a hotel/apartment and book a hotel/apartment for you. If such kind of help is needed, please, let the manager know it before you come.