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About Me

Active in life, cheerful, love to travel and see new things. I am demanding to myself as I am used to get to goals and work for them, get maximum from life, do life better everyday. My main hobby and my love is fitness. I love to make people happy and let them be better version of themself with my help, get rid of complexes about own body and let them feel better and more free. I love how I look and that's why I like to make photos, see myself in different looks, love to make photos in general as it's fun process. I like to try new things as well, love to experiment to seeIt won't be easy with me, but when you'd know me you won't be able to leave me and I'd be happiness, light and everything else which you miss. So keep reading ;) My life is bright, full of feelings, meeting, communication with different and intersting people, but I got into soul state which is making me feel need of family and soulmate. I put big goal forward me and go to them and for now my biggest goal, my dream is loving man with who we'd be going together through life, through all troubles and problems, with who we would be happy for common success, enjoy every bit of taste of life, get presents from it. So I am full of hope that's how it'll be and soon I'd be about to be full of hapiness and walk hand in hand with the right one, loving and close to me person.
I enjoy fitness and for now this my hobby came into something more, this is what gives me salary and this is direction I like to grow into as my career. So I'd be really happy if you are into sport as well, live healthy style life and we can create healthy relations in all meanings ;) But if not - it's ok, I won't make you be healthy, all I need is loving heart..
I like to be active, don't like to sit on one place too, but it's not making me not loyal, I am very loyal person, you would see it ;) I like to see new places, see new things - this is my second hobby which gives me much joy. I also think that after each journey or trip somewhere person coming back comlitely different and better person, it's just impossible not to bring new ideas, happy memories and joy from trip, also photos will keep you great mood after trips as well.
what else I can learn, what else I can do and how else I can grow into better version of me and to prove to myself whatever I'd like to learn I am able to learn and be successful in it. But also this ambitions coming from being sport person and from competitions in it al the time. In the evening I love to read good book, rest from rushing days, love to read psycology, books about self growing, because I think growing is first starting with yourself, own personality.

First name Darya
Date of birth 1981-04-01
Foreign language 1 English Intermediate
Smoking Don't smoke
Drinking Don't drink
Children 1 child
Children live Live with me
Children age 14
Astrological sign Aries
Chinise zodiac Cock
Religion Christianity
Marital status Never married
Occupation Banking
Education College
Weight Weight
53 kg = 116 lbs
Height Height
170 cm = 5'7"
Eye color Eye color
Hair color Hair color
Body type Body type

Man, 18 – 60 years old

Ideal match description: Smart and patient, with sense of humour as it's making life and relations easier, resolute, caring - we women want sometimes to feel like near protective shoulder of a man who would protect and shield us from live's troubles. But I think outside beauty is great thing too, so I think working on both is right combination. That's why few years ago I got into photography and it's something I enjoy and like to do. Friends things I am soul of any company as most often I am in good mood and positive. I tried to share good mood with people around, relatives and friends. Obviously it's not always working easily, but I try :) I try to give much attention to people I care, it's hard with busy work days, but I know that family most important in life and it's place where I can relax my soul, such moments most precious. So I dream that my soulmate will be the same tender about family and see the same this aspect of life. I am tough and strong, but I want to give love and care, kindness to my man. I want to have friend and husband in the same person, with who I can talk about everything, laugh, plan our future, dream, go to our goals, fall and get up, but together, feel support of each other, most close person in the world. I trully belive that our happiness is near and only our communication and meeting will turn our life and it'll be brighter and get new colors in it. I think communication will help us to see are we right for each other and can we live without each other or we meant for each other from above. So I hope to see you are person without who I won't be able to wake up happily ever again..

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