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About Me

The Lord God gives each person a grain of earthly happiness: for one - an attractive appearance, for another - a wise head, for the third - a generous loving heart. I have enough of everything!

I love country life. Why do I like the village? Everything is very simple ... Here I grew up ... My parents are farmers.
There is no life in the city. All city life is artificial. People, being in a confined space, consider themselves happy. They often consider themselves superior to the villagers because they surrounded themselves with all the benefits of human inventions, which they return to after the bustle of the working day. They think they live ...
My favorite flowers are tulips. Someone will say:
-What is their charm? Ordinary flowers, almost odorless. Another thing is roses. Thanks to their shapes and smell, they can be forgiven for spikes ...
But I love tulips for another reason. For their vitality.
In the spring, when the earth had not yet woken up, when the snow had barely melted, the first sprouts of tulips began to break through the black flower beds, in spite of spring frosts, despite the fact that nature was still sleeping. They are so sharp, so strong, and so lively ... in the first days they lack light and they are red, but every day the sun breathes life into them and they turn green before our eyes, get stronger and now the first buds peek out from the leaves. One has only to glance there and experience the joy of the emergence of a new life that reaches for the sun and soon colorful lanterns will bloom on thin legs, swinging from the wind, as though greeting you, wishing good morning or good night. Several days pass, and the flower falls ... No, it does not die. It lives. And it pleased us these days in order to show that his life was not in vain. It gave rise to new lives. The tulip will develop new bulbs, the seeds of other flowers. And so it will be forever ...
I also love poppies ... field ... For their bright color they give life to a pale bread field and a burnt meadow. Because people cannot get rid of them in the fields, considering them weeds. And for the fact that they do not take root in the flower garden. Amazing flowers, self-willed and amazingly freedom-loving ...
Country smells ...
Someone from the city will say:
- Yes, we know what it smells like. You smell of manure.
So can say a person who visited the village, but saw nothing but manure. He may be familiar with the smell of hay, but he does not know that the mowed grass has one smell on the first day, and on the second, another, also on the third. In the morning it smells differently than in the evening. Each blade of grass has its own characteristic smell. In the same plant, the flower, stem, leaves and roots smell differently. And all these are natural smells, not those with which people mask their own smell, stealing them from nature. But no matter how a person douses himself with perfume, nature will not accept him, because these are artificial smells. No pet loves them ...
Yes, animals have their own smells. And having entered their home, the city dweller will shut up his nose, twist his face and hasten to get out. Of course, then he will say that there is nothing but manure ...
But here has its own life ... It is not true that animals have one concern, to sleep, eat and ... (I will not go into details)
No, it is not. Each animal has its own character. They do not speak, but much can be read from their eyes. They have their own inner world.
Animals are a separate issue. Their inner world is very rich, but not everyone can solve it and even notice it.
And not everyone understands nature itself. A man who has fallen from the bustle of the city into rural silence is in a hurry to enjoy the most beautiful places of this or that place. Not noticing that all the places are beautiful in their own way. And different. Every day, every hour, every time of the year. Because they are full of life. They live constantly and constantly change. Their appearance depends on the time of day, season, weather ...
I love rain ... I madly love rain ... Especially when you are in the middle of a field and you are exhausted from the heat and suddenly clouds will fall and suddenly a thunderous riot of nature will break out. When water flows in a powerful stream from head to toe, washing you in one font with all nature around. When you walk barefoot on warm, wet ground and feel how it seeps through your toes, tickling and massaging them. You walk on the earth, leaving traces on it, and you feel that man is not any king of nature, but only a tiny part of it. And no matter how strong and smart he was, he was not able to stop the rain, the wind, forbid the flashing of lightning and thunder. You are just a little man who imagines that you have the right to control nature, but in fact, it controls you. And if you do not know how to live in harmony with it, then you have no place in the village ...

First name Alyona
Date of birth 1990-09-26
Foreign language 1 English Basic
Smoking Don't smoke
Drinking Don't drink
Children Without children
Astrological sign Libra
Chinise zodiac Horse
Religion Christianity
Marital status Never married
Occupation Economy
Education Graduate school
Weight Weight
61 kg = 134 lbs
Height Height
170 cm = 5'7"
Eye color Eye color
Hair color Hair color
Body type Body type

Man, 18 – 80 years old

Ideal match description: There is an ideal relationship between a man and a woman.
And they are called harmonious complement each other.

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