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Success Stories
We could meet on the street because of our youth, but we met on the site find-bride.com ... read more
I used to think that I love, sometimes it seemed to me like that! But only having met my Louis ... read more
We started our relationship on Find-Bride many months ago. From first letter I felt we have a lot of in common ... read more
Unfortunately, fate so ordered that in this country to find this is almost impossible! ... read more
My name is Maria and I met here my love Randy. Everything happened like a trite for a dating site ... read more
I love people with a good sense of humor and was looking for that person who could make me laugh at any moment. ... read more
Have you ever met on the Internet for a cup of coffee? Do you think this is impossible? Very possible! ... read more
It happens in life that the man whom you are looking for there, meets you at the other end of the world! ... read more
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