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Success Stories
My name is Lena and I will get married soon. If someone told me a couple of years ago that my husband would be a man from Ukraine. ... read more
My story on the site began with a regular letter with a photo. I always loved dogs. Two small dogs live near my house. ... read more
The love that began with friendship is the strongest, and my love in Gary came out of the strong friendship between two people! ... read more
My name is Ksenia, and my boyfriend Brandon, we met on the site three years ago! ... read more
When I learned the first letter from Smith, I thought he was crazy! ... read more
When happiness comes to a woman’s life, she immediately changes, she wants to work, go to the movies, do hairstyles and learn to bake cupcakes. ... read more
I could never even imagine myself in a relationship with a man in another country ... read more
Sometimes it’s strange for me to think that in just 10 months I changed my life by 180 degrees! ... read more
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